Did Kitty Russell actually say these lines, or did we make them up?

Miss Kitty was a woman of her word, but which ones did she say?

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Does this scene prove that Matt and Kitty did in fact share a kiss on Gunsmoke?
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She was Miss Kitty, Kitty Russell or just Kitty from the classic Western Gunsmoke. Played by Amanda Blake, the character was an independent woman who meant business! Many would describe her as harsh, but she wasn't afraid to stand alone.

The character spoke with pride and didn't hold any words back when speaking to anyone. Did Kitty say these lines, or are they something we made up?

Good luck!

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  1. "What makes you think you can wake me up in the middle of the night to listen to some long sad story about one of your old flings?"
  2. "I'm not quittin' for you or anybody else."
  3. "Not only are you a monster but you're a foolish one at that!"
  4. "You're sick and I'm not the person that's going to cure your cold."
  5. "When are you gonna' get around to shootin' him?"
  6. "There's only one person I need and she's standin' right here wastin' her time on you."
  7. "Now just sit back and rock yourself to sleep."
  8. "I got nothing else to say to you. I've wasted enough time speakin' to an old fool."
  9. "Grow up! You men have a fine idea of what growin' up is. Just shoot somebody and that makes you a man. That's growin' up in this town."
  10. "I guess you deserve to shed a few of those, but we don't want to drown in 'em"

Did Kitty Russell actually say these lines, or did we make them up?

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JeffPaul76 1 month ago
"Here's the moment of truth. You got 5 out of 10" ----"Kitty doesn't like this score. Try again to get on her good side!" ----I got 2, 4, 6, 8, & 10 wrong.
2A3ct8S4 3 months ago
4 and 6 were give aways because of the word person. Kitty would have used male and female pronouns.
cperrynaples 3 months ago
8/10! 4 sounds like Doc and 6 sounds like Matt!
graceful1970 6 months ago
Here's the moment of truth. You got 8 out of 10
You and this good score look almost as good as Kitty and Marshal Matt Dillon. Good job!
Herbert 6 months ago
I guess I don't know miss kitty at all.
iluvwesterns 6 months ago
7/10. Miss Kitty was a formiable woman.
iluvwesterns iluvwesterns 6 months ago
oops i meant formidalble.
Coldnorth 6 months ago
2 wrong. Not bad. I am not a fan of westerns. The only one I like is WWW
vinman63 6 months ago
I got a couple of'em, dat put Mae West to sham.
Cougar90 6 months ago
8 out of 10. I love my westerns.
cperrynaples 6 months ago
Last night, Decades ran "Hack Prine", the true pilot episode of Gunsmoke! Noticed that the Long Branch looked different and Kitty's feelings for Matt were stronger! Also, I'm certain the piano played "Aura Lea", the folk tune that would be rewritten for Elvis as "Love Me Tender"!
Kaydee 6 months ago
6/10 The most I've listened to Kitty is when she says "Sam drinks are on the house"
texasluva 6 months ago
7 out of 10 and I'm not Kittying you.
Coldnorth texasluva 6 months ago
Ha ha ha ha
Peter_Falk_Fan 6 months ago
8/10 That's funny because I missed #8 and #10.
Andybandit 7 months ago
I got 8/10. I got #2 and 4 wrong. This one was easy.
Pacificsun 7 months ago
The Quizzes are all the same kind of format. Only the Shows get changed out. There are no images to go with the answers, which are pretty obvious. Seems to be a drop in the number of those who visiting.

However, the topics of the Stories are great! Really going back to older Newspaper articles. And delving deep into the actors' backstories. And learning more about the Series themselves.

A lot of research and human interest. They are appreciated. Thank you!!
LoveMETV22 Pacificsun 6 months ago
" The topics of the Stories are great! Really going back to older Newspaper articles."
Ditto to your comment and thanks to MeTV:
" A lot of research and human interest. They are appreciated. Thank you!!'
It's great how MeTV uses and credits articles from the various news outlets of that day. For accuracy certain phrases they quote are viewable via google search for that newspaper and date, so the information is true, however what is viewable is very limited unless you subscribe to say Newspapers.com or other similar archive services. At MeTV's discretion for some of the meatier stories, it would be nice if they provided a view of the article ( via like a Google.doc or maybe a pdf). Kind of sharing the wealth of their source, again not necessary for every article. I know I've commented to that regard in a Story/Quiz here and there.
Pacificsun LoveMETV22 6 months ago
Absolutely. Regarding the Stories that churn more controversy or discussion.

Another contributor posted that Gloria Stivic of AITF did have a job (at lease I didn't know). She worked in a department store to help put Mike through college. He didn't give a link (as I would). But it was easy to find.
Wendy57 7 months ago
I think that I picked some of the quotes that I wish Kitty had said especially when it came to Matt Dillon.
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