Did Hawkeye write these lines in ''Dear Dad,'' or did Father Mulcahy write them in ''Dear Sis''?

Each wrote what they were feeling and each shared hope during some bleak holidays at the 4077th.

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The 4077th tried to make Christmas as lively as possible. However, in the midst of the Korean War, getting in the festive spirit wasn't the easiest thing to do. 

On several occasions, the characters from M*A*S*H would write home to their familes back in the States. 

In memorable episodes surrounding the Christmas holiday, Hawkeye writes to his dad while Father Mulcahy writes to his "sis," each detailing what they're going through with their respective roles.

Can you tell who wrote the following lines in their letters? Was it Hawkeye or Father Mulcahy?

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  1. Who wrote: Here it's a week before Christmas. It's a time of anticipation and hope.
  2. Who wrote: The tension in the O.R. is always a foot thick, but we do our best to cut through.
  3. Who wrote: I received your letter. It's a shame sister Lombardi was transfered to Saint Cecilia. I know the basketball team will miss her hook shot.
  4. Who wrote: Then all those kids down there are in the last place they ever figured.
  5. Who wrote: It doesn't matter if you feel useful or not when you're moving from one disaster to another.
  6. Who wrote: Still, there is some effort to celebrate the idea of peace on Earth.
  7. Who wrote: Christmas here in Korea, as with you in Vermont, is soon upon us.
  8. Who wrote: The time when both sides get into as much destruction as they can before the Christmas truce.
  9. Who wrote: A trick I guess is to just keep moving.
  10. Who wrote: The jokes seem sacrilegious in an operating room.

Did Hawkeye write these lines in ''Dear Dad,'' or did Father Mulcahy write them in ''Dear Sis''?

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carriefan62772 18 days ago
I hope y’all will reply to this did I do good on the quiz????.. I got 6 out of 10
RADAR_OREILLY 10 months ago
I got 6/10 and only watched it once but i am only 13 but still love M*A*S*H I got 9/10 for Abbynessa Henry witch i thought was good.
Martanrick1975 11 months ago
8/10 should of thought it through first. 🤔😊
JeffPaul76 11 months ago
"You got 8 out of 10" ---------Could you recall who penned these letters? Be sure to share your score in the comments section! Don't lie, Santa's watching! I got 4 and 9 wrong.
Coldnorth 11 months ago
8/10 should have known the ones I got wrong. Shame on me
TheOnlyONE 11 months ago
10/10. Jocularity, Jocularity, Jocularity...
Coldnorth TheOnlyONE 4 months ago
Not sure what that word means
Randall 11 months ago
#7 is a mistake, Hawkeye as well as his physician father are from the fictitious hamlet of Crabapple cove, Maine! Opps!!
Coldnorth Randall 11 months ago
You know I thought it was Maine so I only got 1 wrong. Thanks for the correction. I feel better now
Lasagna_DelRio Randall 11 months ago
Actually, in the early episodes Hawkeye was from Vermont. (He also had a sister and his mother was still living.) It was around the 4th season they introduced Crabapple Cove, Maine as his family's summer home. Very quickly after that it became his hometown.
retired2019 Randall 11 months ago
I’m positive that Vermont was used in early episodes, just like Henry’s wife had 2 different names. Correct me if I’m wrong!
Cowgirl 11 months ago
You got 10 out of 10. Both episodes were just on last night. Hawkeye's from Maine so I guess his father was spending Christmas in Vermont.
Randall Cowgirl 11 months ago
No, I think the writers were!
JHP 11 months ago

shanked #8

happy helli-days and stay warm to all
frenchman71 11 months ago
7/10. On ques. #7 Hawkeye mentions Vermont as where his dad is at home. As the show went on, Hawkeye's hometown was Crabapple Cove, Maine. No continuity there.
JHP frenchman71 11 months ago
you are correct - also I think Hawkeye had a dentist in Detroit - hmmm
Buckwargo1 11 months ago
I got 10 of 10 but I had just watched both episodes. The first one was the hardest
markrobinsonesq 11 months ago
10/10. But it was a bit of a challenge, considering . . .
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