It's a Wonderful Life: True or False Quiz

See how well you know Frank Capra's Christmas classic.


It's a Wonderful Life is a bonafide classic, as far as movies where a guy almost chucks himself off a bridge go. 

It's the rare Christmas movie that you can watch any time of year. Its message is universal, and its characters are endlessly relatable. That's why it's time to give a little bit of praise to It's a Wonderful Life.

Let's see how well you recall the details with the following True or False quiz. Be sure to share your score and opinions in the comments section below.

Every time you get the right answer, an angel gets its wings!

  1. When Donna Reed throws a rock through the Granville House window, it was actually her, despite the director hiring a marksman to shoot out the window.
  2. 12-year-old George rescues his brother Billy from drowning.
  3. Mr. Potter offers George a job with a starting salary of $20,000 a year.
  4. George's brother is a war hero, and fought with the United States Army.
  5. George's uncle misplaces a total of $8,000 in Mr. Potter's newspaper.
  6. Ward Bond from Wagon Train plays Bert.
  7. George's eldest daughter is named 'Zuzu.'
  8. The Beverly Hills High School really has a gymnasium floor that opens to reveal a pool, and it's still in regular use today.
  9. The movie won only one Academy Award, and it was for technical achievement.
  10. Sheldon Leonard, producer of The Dick Van Dyke Show and The Andy Griffith Show, appeared as a bartender in this movie so he could buy baseball tickets.

It's a Wonderful Life: True or False Quiz

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vg2023 6 months ago
Alfalfa,Carl Switzer, who plays the Prom date for Donna Reed character Mary has a cameo appearance in White Christmas . He plays Bennie the brother of Haynes' sisters
vg2023 6 months ago
Barister Nick tilling the cash register hearing the bell and saying I am giving out wings.
BradBeall 6 months ago
Only 8 out of 10. But who would've thought that the snowfall could've won an Oscar?
paulbryars 6 months ago
6. I’ll pay closer attention when watching it again.
Kramden62 6 months ago

Please keep the following postulate in mind:
"Different strokes for different folks."
With that said, I must say I liked Marlo Thomas' 1977 TV remake, "It Happened One Christmas," *much better* than "It's a Wonderful Life." Most of these were guesses when I applied the storyline of that one (which was similar to the original film) to the questions here.

For one thing, in her version Marlo Thomas *doesn't* go screaming all the way through the second half of the film (perhaps Stewart and Janet Burston of "Our Gang," who also enjoys shouting her lines, should have made a film together about a family who enjoys yelling a lot - I'd need a full bottle of Aleve if I had to sit through such a film). For another, "It Happened One Christmas" was the first version of this story I ever saw. and for yet another, four years later in 1981 my Dad (may he rest in peace) and I took a vacation to California and we went on the Universal Studios Hollywood tour. When I saw "It Happened One Christmas" again on USA nine years later, I recognized some parts of the Universal lot where Ms. Thomas' version was filmed.

So I *do* apologize to those who like "It's a Wonderful Life," but I'll take Marlo Thomas' version *any and every* time. For some reason, Universal never put "It Happened One Christmas" on VHS or DVD commercially. Sad.

Happy Holidays.
STTOS 6 months ago
You got 9 out of 10 - Say, way to go! Maybe it really IS a wonderful life, after all! Should have got a perfect score but answered #4 before I read the entire question. Oh well...
grandpa5741 6 months ago
8 of 10, Pottersvill looks like a fun place 🙃
Wapkep1982 6 months ago
Q2--Billy was the name of the forgetful uncle, George's dad's brother and partner in the Bailey Brothers Building and Loan. The information about the guy from England really has no bearing on the movie.
theFAN2000 6 months ago
10 of 10. My first perfect score. The only one I was worried about was the first one but I figured she took out the window and the the one about the pool only because I was not sure if it was still in use today.
Jimo 6 months ago
ZUZU'S PETALS,ZUZU'S PETALS......9 out of 10
MeFanFromSavan 6 months ago
10/10. Great movie, watched it multiple times.
RobertK 6 months ago
8 of 10. I'd have probably aced it if I simply slowed down and read a few of the questions a bit more thorough! Fun quiz!
CouchPotato19 6 months ago
I've never watched this film and somehow got 10/10.
LalaLucy 6 months ago
Easy 10 out of 10. One of my all-time favorites, Christmastime or anytime. 🙂
Toddmick 6 months ago
I almost forgot that Uncle Billy took Potter's paper to look at and put false because I thought he lost it in his own paper but why would he give his own paper to Potter.
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