Did Buddy Ebsen say these lines as Jed Clampett or Barnaby Jones?

Were these lines said by a hillbilly in Beverly Hills or a detective trying to solve a crime?

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For many actors, it's a challenge trying to make a successful show. Buddy Ebsen was lucky enough to have two successful shows, The Beverly Hillbillies and Barnaby Jones, and that's only the tip of the iceberg. Those two shows and characters are entirely different, but we want to see if you know whether Buddy Ebsen said these lines as Jed Clampett or Barnaby Jones.

Good luck!

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  1. Who said this: "Some day me and you got to have a long talk."
  2. Who said this: "You boys run along now, you're excused."
  3. Who said this: "Do you happen to know who in town is in charge of issuing fishing license renewals?"
  4. Who said this: "Oh that's a pity, man has a good business here, bunch of new boats turning away customers?"
  5. Who said this: "He must've spent it all on that new car."
  6. Who said this: "I am not the heat; I'm just trying to do the guy a favor."
  7. Who said this: "Big fat zero."
  8. Who said this: "She'll never make it on them short legs."
  9. Who said this: "Never knew there was any other kind until I started wearing shoes."
  10. Who said this: "Well to play it safe, take a wedding dress and a big bucket."

Did Buddy Ebsen say these lines as Jed Clampett or Barnaby Jones?

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