Are these real Andy Griffith Show episode descriptions or did we make them up?

A lot of things happened in Mayberry, but which of these are not real?

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When watching The Andy Griffith Show, have you ever thought about how writers described each episode? Of course, the overall script and plot are the main attraction, but if you saw an episode description, could you tell if it's real?

Test your Andy Griffith Show knowledge with this quiz, and find out if you're one of the ultimate Barney and Andy fans!

Good luck!

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  1. Episode description: Barney and Floyd are held hostage in a cabin by three escaped women convicts.
  2. Episode description: Opie and Aunt Bee don't want Andy to be with Helen. So, they do everything they can to break them up, and it works.
  3. Episode description: Barney finds a box full of money and decides to use it to move out of Mayberry after a fight with Andy.
  4. Episode description: Andy's new girlfriend is the new county nurse. Everyone likes her except Opie, who is jealous of all the time Andy spends with her.
  5. Episode description: The accidental capture of a wanted man makes Barney the toast of Mayberry. It goes to his head 'til the felon escapes and returns to pay Barney back.
  6. Episode description: Aunt Bee and Barney witness a robbery while buying decorations for Andy's birthday party.
  7. Episode description: Helen's ex-fiancé becomes a millionaire and asks her to marry him. Andy finds out and proposes to Helen, who declines.
  8. Episode description: It seems that Helen was once a gangster's moll when she lived in Kansas City.
  9. Episode description: Aunt Bee takes flying lessons but doesn't feel she is ready to fly solo.
  10. Episode description: Barney is offered another position in a different town and tells Andy about it. Andy tells Barney he should accept the offer, which causes Barney to get mad.

Are these real Andy Griffith Show episode descriptions or did we make them up?

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Antenna2 7 months ago
9 - last one tripped me up...
Steve2021 8 months ago
Opie is really adopted. ? lol
WayneKeith 12 months ago
Perfect score! TAGS, LITB, and Green Acres are my three favorite 60s comedies.
STTOS 14 months ago
Here's the moment of truth. You got 10 out of 10 - You danced right through this quiz like Barney and this convict! Pretty easy so I won't take too much credit for the perfect score.
DanDolgin 14 months ago
The problem with not showing the color shows is that they just show the same episodes over and over. All other sitcoms on METV show all the episodes of the series both color and B&W, except for Andy Griffith. Why do they add it on Sundays, just to fill an empty space? A lot of shows could be added to Sunday in that time slot.
DZee DanDolgin 14 months ago
I agree. Many of the color episodes are good. I wish they'd play all of the episodes.
STTOS DZee 14 months ago
I agree. MeTV should play all 8 seasons of TAGS. Instead they tend to show only seasons 1-5 and since it's on as often as it is (which I do love) you can burn through 5 seasons in a hurry. You need to show a series in its entirety to fully understand the characters. Plus there are some pretty darn good color episodes!!
DanDolgin 14 months ago
This comment has been removed.
DanDolgin 14 months ago
9/10, I had 100% until I got to the very last question #10 was missed.

I wish METV would add the color episodes, especially since they added Andy Griffith to the Sunday lineup.
randalllong100 14 months ago
I love all episodes including seasons 6 through 8, the color episodes.
Charlotte 14 months ago
9/10 the one about Helen Crump stumped me. I did not know about that episode.
Antenna2 Charlotte 7 months ago
It was a good episode - Helen had a lot of explaining to do...
ReneDelgado 14 months ago
10 out of 10, fun questions 😊
snowbird1234 14 months ago
10/10 They should burn the color shows
snowbird1234 14 months ago
This comment has been removed.
klt83 14 months ago
10 out of 10. The issue I have with the color episodes is the change in Andy Griffith's character. Instead of good humor and common sense kindness, the color Andy Taylor was short on patience and long on yelling. He was especially harsh with Aunt Bee (buying a car, getting a part-time job, taking flying lessons). Season eight was just not very good period. Introducing that busy body character played by Ruth McDevitt (especially in "Helen's Past") was an indication to me that ideas were running short. I know he was a replacement for Howard McNear/Floyd but I wasn't keen on Emmett either.
jholton30062 14 months ago
8 out of 10. The two I got wrong were both from Season 8, one of the three seasons done in color, which MeTV won't show because, when they do, a sizeable number of viewers pitches a fit. I get it, they're nowhere near as good as the first five seasons, but there were still good episodes and the show (and "Mayberry RFD" which followed) was still quite popular when it originally ran.

And with that, I'll get down off my soapbox...
jackbennyfan 14 months ago
I got 8/10. Not bad since I haven't watched the show in a while.
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