Eagles song or Andy Griffith episode?

Glenn Frey or Barney Fife?

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Two pillars of Americana. One ultimate quiz.

Each question will feature either the name of an Eagles song or the title of an Andy Griffith Show episode. Your job is to tell us which is which.

Maybe you're a diehard Don Henley fanatic. That's good because some of these might even be a song they covered live. Or, perhaps you're more the Aunt Bea type. Either way, this is the quiz for you. Sound off with your score in the comments section!

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  1. "Doolin Dalton"
  2. "The Keeper of the Flame"
  3. "Convicts at Large"
  4. "New Kid in Town"
  5. "Seven Bridges Road"
  6. "Rafe Hollister Sings"
  7. "Man in the Middle"
  8. "If I Had a Quarter-Million"
  9. "Waiting in the Woods"
  10. "Quiet Sam"
  11. "The Inspector"
  12. "Certain Kind of Fool"
  13. "Business as Usual"
  14. "A Trip to Mexico"
  15. "Bitter Creek"

Eagles song or Andy Griffith episode?

Your Result...

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Dysall 11 days ago
14/15 Missed #4. It sounded like it really could have been an Andy Griffith episode.
ThomasPotter 2 months ago
10 of 15, I passed, but barely.
Dysall 8 months ago
14/15. Missed "New Kid in Town".
Gayleistoons 8 months ago
11/15...I've heard songs by the Eagles, but hardly any title knowledge
STTOS 9 months ago
You got 15 out of 15 - Well done! You know your stuff, desperado! I'm on a roll today (why is there butter on my pants?). 3 TAGS quizes and 3 perfect scores. I can't tell you why....oh wait yes I can. I know my TAGS!! :)
IndianaRockz 9 months ago
10/15 I swear I watch good ol' Andy almost every day but don't see a show title at the beginning of each episode like the Dick Van Dyke Show has. I'd love to live in Mayberry.
tootsieg IndianaRockz 9 months ago
Just the other day I told my aunt I want to live in Mayberry. 😊
oldmoe51 10 months ago
12/15 what can I say I thought I would get them all
JeffPaul76 10 months ago
"You got 9 out of 15 ----Sheesh. Maybe you should've phoned a friend!" -----I got 1, 3, 5, 7, 9, & 10 wrong.
Mistertelvison 10 months ago
Question on the Andy Griffith show or the Eagles which is Andy Griffith show or the Eagles music and I got ten out of fiftteen
tootsieg 10 months ago
12/15. Not as bad as I thought.
trogg888 10 months ago
Woulddnt have done well i never memorized tv episodes titles but i played in a few cover bands most of my life
BenjaminMosesCookeIII 10 months ago
I got 11/15 correct. Excellent!!!!!!!
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