Fan quiz: Are these Twilight Zone episodes based on short stories?

Put your 'Twilight' trivia talent to the test with this fan-made quiz!

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One of the things that has made The Twilight Zone so memorable over the decades has been its stories. The writers produced scripts that stimulate the imagination and resonate with our deepest wishes and our darkest fears. Many of the scripts for the 156 episodes were original, but 29 were actually adaptations of previously published short stories.

Sometimes, though, these inspirations were always obvious from the credits on the episode itself. Whenever Rod Serling adapted someone else’s short story, the credit would read, "Written by Rod Serling… From a story by ________________." But if a writer adapted his own short story into a script, as was often the case with Charles Beaumont or Richard Matheson, the credits would simply read "Written by Charles Beaumont" — without referencing its previous incarnation as a short story.

See if you can identify which episodes below were original scripts, and which ones were based on previously published short stories. 

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  1. “Mr. Denton on Doomsday”
  2. “Time Enough at Last”
  3. “Perchance to Dream”
  4. “The Purple Testament”
  5. “People Are Alike All Over”
  6. “The Howling Man”
  7. “The Invaders”
  8. “Nick of Time”
  9. “It’s a Good Life”
  10. “The Silence”
  11. “The Jungle”
  12. “Will the Real Martian Please Stand Up?”
  13. “To Serve Man”
  14. “Little Girl Lost”
  15. “The Dummy”
  16. “In His Image”
  17. “Valley of the Shadow”
  18. “Death Ship”
  19. “Jess-Belle”
  20. “The Parallel”
  21. “Steel”
  22. “Nightmare at 20,000 Feet”
  23. “The Living Doll”
  24. “The Old Man in the Cave”
  25. “I Am the Night — Color Me Black”

Fan quiz: Are these Twilight Zone episodes based on short stories?

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jtrain 14 months ago
18/25, guessed on all of them, no clue!
mickiecgaffke 23 months ago
I LOVE LOVE LOVE watching The Twilight Zone on MeTV! The Quizzes were awesome! Thanks :)
srrainwater 23 months ago
13/25. Guess I wasn't in the zone . Quit groaning! It's not the worst pun I came up with!
Punland 24 months ago
Wasn't "The Silence" loosely based on "The Bet" by Chekhov? Also, "The Dummy" was technically based on an unpublished short story, so it's not entirely original.
GregLemieux 27 months ago
22/25 It helped that some of them were re-published in a book called "The Twilight Zone: The Original Stories" A lot of the original stories were very different.
Stoney GregLemieux 24 months ago
Yep, that's exactly what I used to make the quiz! Good catch!
BuckskinBob 27 months ago
18/25 not that good the funny thing is I know every one of them I am gonna keep watching them all of them .
RelicHominid007 27 months ago
14 / 25. Yay Me. Fun quiz. Good job Fans. I need a nap
Stoney RelicHominid007 24 months ago
Thank you! :)
Muleskinner 27 months ago
18/25. I just guessed on all of them. A few of the titles sounded like short story ideas.
Pacificsun 27 months ago
I had no idea on most of them, but was curious especially about the more famous/popular episodes. So many great short stories! Good ones are really fun to read!
Laura 27 months ago
13-25 not one of my favorite shows.
LucyImHome1951 27 months ago
20 out of 20.Only 12 weren't based on a short story. I think Rod needed to unlock the door with the key of imagination.
CreedSworld 27 months ago
Finally a challenging quiz, kudos to the author.
Stoney CreedSworld 24 months ago
Thank you! :)
richardkel 27 months ago
19/25. Guessed on pretty much all of them. I remember the episodes and loved them all. How to tell if they were based on a short story, or originally written by the master, Rod Serling, himself?
Suzanne 27 months ago
LOVED the Twilight Zone! But still got only 18 out of 25. Some of the titles I'll never forget - the classic "Nightmare at 20,000 feet", "Time Enough at Last", "To Serve Man" and my most favorite, one which scared the s""t out of me as a teen: "The Howling Man". Lastly, one that was supposed to be scary but actually had me laughing (yeah, I'm weird): "Will the Real Martian Please Stand Up".
Wiseguy Suzanne 27 months ago
In the preview of the episode Rod Serling calls it a "who's who with a couple of laughs" so it was supposed to be at least partially funny especially with Jack Elam interacting with sour puss John Hoyt.
cperrynaples Wiseguy 27 months ago
Real Martian is a funny episode! Yes, most of the bus passengers die off screen, but Jack Elam is a hoot and I chuckle when Barney Phillips takes off his cap...LOL!!
AgingDisgracefully 27 months ago
This one was a Dart Throw.
Don't ask. Don't tell.
KellyShort 27 months ago
You got 15 out of 25
Not good
Catman 28 months ago
16/25, almost all were guesses. I love the show and have recently binge-watched them but I never paid much attention to the writing credits, I suppose.
BTW, are the hour-long episodes available to stream anywhere?
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