Can you tell the difference between Mama’s Family and The Carol Burnett Show?

The Harper family starred in sketches before getting a sitcom.

Though they are now some of the best-known parts of The Carol Burnett Show, the iconic family sketches with Vicki Lawrence as a cranky southern mama always at odds with her daughter Eunice didn’t start until season seven, over halfway through the show’s run. Before the first sketch aired, the writers even had doubts about its prospects, especially having 20-something Lawrence play the mother.

Of course, now that decision seems like nothing but a stroke of genius and one of the reasons the sketches are so funny. The sketches were so popular, they spawned the sitcom Mama’s Family that lasted six seasons and 130 episodes!

Carol Burnett was obviously a part of every family sketch on her show but she also appeared in a few episodes of the sitcom, along with other famous Carol Burnett Show faces.

We’ve mixed together scenes from both versions of Mama Harper and her relatives. Can you tell which show each one is from?

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  1. What is this from?
  2. The family meets with Bubba's teacher in which show?
  3. Mama sits in the kitchen of which show?
  4. What is this scene from?
  5. Mama goes to a "fancy restrant" in which show?
  6. What is this scene with Betty White from?
  7. What is Ken Berry in here?
  8. What is this from?
  9. What about this?
  10. Eunice gives a trademark glare in which show?
  11. What is this scene from?
  12. Which show is this birthday scene from?

Can you tell the difference between Mama’s Family and The Carol Burnett Show?

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Nala92129 24 days ago
8 out of 12! Shame on me! Shame, shame!
Wendy57 25 days ago
Got tripped up on #5. The “fancy restrant”.
CortneyNicole 26 days ago
12/12 I got all of it right! Now I can tell what "The Family" sketch from the Carol Burnett Show with Mama and Eunice before Mama's Family sitcom started.
AllisonWunderland 26 days ago
4/12…Hmmm, “that score is hard to look at” 🤷‍♀️ Well, so is that show 🤣
Totally agree. Didn't age well, never a fan.
Hollie 26 days ago
12/12 i love both of these shows
Big3Fan 26 days ago
No way. All CBS picks for a six.
grandpa5741 13 months ago
8/12 daddy didn’t foto well with this mama quiz 🙃
Beatseeker 13 months ago
5/12... sucked at guessing...
bagandwallyfan52 13 months ago
It's easy to tell Mama's Family
From The Carol Burnett Show:
BUZZ and SONYA are NOT on
Carol Burnett but Buzz and Sonya ARE on Mama's Family.
It's Strange.
Buzz and Sonya disappear
Into thin air and all of a
Sudden a guy named
Bubba shows up.
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