Can you tell the difference between Lost in Space aliens and household products?

What are KAZ 55B, Zaybo, Smeek and Duz?


Image: The Everett Collection

Irwin Allen’s Lost in Space featured many interesting aliens and creatures over its three-season run. The names of these extraterrestrials were just as wacky and out there as the characters themselves!

Midcentury household products also had some weird monikers.

Can you tell which is which?

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  1. Is this an alien from Lost in Space or something you would have in your home?
  2. Is this a cleaning product or an extraterrestrial?
  3. Is this a product for a humans or a fictional alien?
  4. What is this the name of?
  5. In the 1960s, would you use this at home or see this character on TV?
  6. Do you recognize this name?
  7. What about this name?
  8. Is this a product or a character?
  9. Is this a fictional space animal or a real retro cleaner?
  10. Is this the name of a product mascot or a 'Lost in Space' character?
  11. Besides being a great Indian dish, what is Keema?
  12. Do you remember this name — Prell?
  13. Which does the name Quano belong to?
  14. Felso is this the name of…?
  15. Rethso is the name of...?
  16. Vel? This short name belongs to...
  17. What about Smeek?
  18. What does Kaz 55B refer to?

Can you tell the difference between Lost in Space aliens and household products?

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DerekBird 36 months ago
You got 14 out of 18
Did this quiz have you confused? Or did you "clean up"?

Not too bad considering that I had to guess on all but 5 of them.
Toot1956 46 months ago
This sucks, before I was born come on.
Jeffrey 47 months ago
mini poo was a product? was that the predecessor to Feen a Mint?
luvintheoldies 47 months ago
16/18...Prell and Duz i remember. I have no idea how I got the other 14! Lol!
MarioKlein 47 months ago
8 of 18, guess I was more confused as this quiz cleaned me out.
Runeshaper 47 months ago
11/18 - didn't watch the show and am not familiar with those cleaning products so I'll take it LOL :)
Voyage_Lover_32 47 months ago
15/18 I know nothing of the brands.
marmetv20 47 months ago
13/18 some of those were hard. Never heard of some of those products! Lol
MikefromJersey 47 months ago
12 out of 18. I couldn't get my mind off of Judy Robinson. Va va va voom!
I saw her in Atlantic City in the 1980's at a Sci Fi convention, what an incredible beauty.
The camera didn't do her justice.
TheDavBow3 MikefromJersey 47 months ago
Was she the same girl who played Mike Douglas's (Tim Considine) first girlfriend on My 3 Sons?
MikefromJersey TheDavBow3 47 months ago
Marta Kristen was on My 3 Sons in 3 different roles, the first time as Robbie's girl friend.
When I saw her at the convention, I was seated next to a guy named Kevin, chatting about L.I.S.
At what point I nudged him and said, "Man how would you like to sleep with her!"
"I have."
"Right, and I'm Santa Claus."
So Kevin hisses at the stage "Marta" from the 2nd row, blows her a kiss and she blows one back.
Kevin then nudges me, says "So Santa, what are you bringing me this year?"
I felt about two feet tall.
My buddy Joel couldn't wait to tell everyone when we got home, the bum.
I forgot to add, it turned out Kevin was her husband.
TheDavBow3 MikefromJersey 47 months ago
Haha oh my! Very cool and funny.
GregLemieux 47 months ago
18/18. But I am a really big LOST IN SPACE fan.
kevopilis 47 months ago
14 right out of 18. I'm devastated. Obviously some of these were trick questions...
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