Can you find the ONE television show that did NOT last 10 seasons?

One of these series aired for nine seasons.

If a TV show airs for five years, it is an undeniable hit. Heck, there are timeless classics that aired for just three seasons — Star Trek, Gilligan's Island.

But 10 seasons? That is rarified air. Making it to season 10 is like a record earning diamond status.

That being said, airing for nine seasons is nothing to sniff at. The Waltons and Perry Mason aired for nine seasons. Oh, and ONE of the following titles aired for "just" nine seasons. 

Try to find the title that aired for fewer than 10 seasons! Keep guessing until you find it!

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  1. Pick the ONE TV show that did not air for at least 10 seasons.

Can you find the ONE television show that did NOT last 10 seasons?

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rycki1138 19 days ago
You picked the correct answer!
That's right! The Beverly Hillbillies aired for nine seasons, from 1962–71. Do a happy dance!
JamesBrashear 21 days ago
Picked the right show first try.
KellyShort 1 month ago
You picked the correct answer! 2EZ
Audie 1 month ago
It took me several tries I've never would've guessed It was The Beverly hillbillies But yes it was part of the rural purge.That show was so embedded into our minds.
MrBill 1 month ago
I got this one on the first try.
BubbaPacha77511 1 month ago
too easy.....i dont like saying bad things about folks but this show is horrible
Audie BubbaPacha77511 1 month ago
You must be a city feller
Lacey 1 month ago
It SHOULD have lasted 10 years ut CBS tossed all their country shows for the city folks.
booster 1 month ago
Got it on the first try, by process of elimination.
ChristineTinaWitman 1 month ago
Fist try, as I went down the list saw it said thats it. Looked over all of list came back and picked it.
daDoctah 1 month ago
I gave up after about seven or eight wrong guesses. Would have sworn the Clampetts were with us for longer than that. I guess I was influenced by the period when they ran two new episodes each week.
Wiseguy daDoctah 1 month ago
When did CBS show two episodes a week? Never heard that, never saw that, never read about it.
ERROL Wiseguy 1 month ago
meeeeeee neither
rycki1138 daDoctah 19 days ago
They were still getting good ratings, but in 1971 CBS decided to cancel all the rural themed shows.
DavidBarker 1 month ago
Took me 6 tries this time...ugh
Duskblaze 1 month ago
I got the answer on the first try.
Sarah Duskblaze 1 month ago
This comment has been removed.
Lillyrose 1 month ago
I Love Lucy and Leave it to Beaver are such great shows, I wish they had lasted at least 10 seasons. Hazel and Newhart, too.
Wiseguy Lillyrose 1 month ago
Then when the writing got tired and the actors got older or left the series [ M*A*S*H ] people would say the series should have ended sooner.
Lillyrose 1 month ago
I got the right answer on the 3rd try: The Beverly Hillbillies.
JDnHuntsvilleAL 1 month ago
I had no idea "Lassie" lasted for 19 seasons.
Wiseguy JDnHuntsvilleAL 1 month ago
It was on CBS for only 17 years. The final two seasons were in first-run syndication followed by a season of reruns.
JDnHuntsvilleAL Wiseguy 25 days ago
It's not the last two years that fooled me, if I had been asked I would have guessed that "Lassie" only lasted 3-5 years.
denny JDnHuntsvilleAL 24 days ago
Timmy was on from 57-64. The rest I don't count.
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