Can you complete these M*A*S*H episode titles?

The series had a wide range of titles. Some seemingly very random, and some that make a direct and obvious connection to the episode plot.

From character traits to hometowns, there isn’t much a M*A*S*H fan doesn’t know about the timeless series.

There are all-time classic episodes that fans seem to remember better than others for obvious reasons. Perhaps a hard-hitting storyline coming full circle, or a beloved character not returning.

Today, a simple glance at the MeTV schedule can give you a quick synopsis of what episode of M*A*S*H is coming on, along with the episode’s title.

Some titles are very straight forward and align directly to the storyline in an obvious way. For example, when fans talk of Radar’s final appearance in the show, they know the episode title is “Good-Bye, Radar.”

Other titles aren’t as straightforward, but that doesn’t mean the episode or the title itself isn’t memorable.

Once again, we’re sending your knowledge of M*A*S*H into battle. Can you fill in the blank to these episode titles?

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  1. Complete this season one episode title: "_____, Please Come Home"
  2. Complete this season one episode title: "______, Crackers and Nuts"
  3. Complete this season two episode title: "Divided We _____"
  4. Complete this season two episode title: "Dear _____.... Three"
  5. Complete this season two episode title: "Hotlips and ______ Arms"
  6. Complete this season three episode title: "________, Henry"
  7. Complete this season four episode title: "Of ______ and Men"
  8. Complete this season six episode title: "What’s Up ____?"
  9. Complete this season seven episode title: "An Eye for a _____"
  10. Complete this season seven episode title: "_*_*_*_"
  11. Complete this season nine episode title: "The Life You ______"
  12. Complete this season ten episode title: "A Holy _____"
  13. Complete this season 11 episode title: “Goodbye, _____ and Amen"

Can you complete these M*A*S*H episode titles?

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hawkeyepierce_4077 12 months ago
12/13! Not bad for someone as young as me lol
L 13 months ago
Perfect score!

Alan Alda's daughter has the same birthday as me, albeit one year apart.
Cowgirl 13 months ago
You got 13 out of 13
This score was worthy of an honorable discharge!
I watch it as often as I can.
PDCougar 13 months ago
First time I ever got all the answers on one of these quizzes. And, it would've been a personal embarrassment to not get a perfect score on this particular one!

Now, MeTV, how about obtaining the long-AWOL "AfterMASH" and running it for a month or one weekends, in commemoration of this year's 50th anniversary of "M*A*S*H"?
lmahabhashyam 13 months ago
13/13 Can’t fool a M*A*S*H oholic I’ve got each and every story down by the first scene shown. I’ve been watching it for fifty years.
TheOnlyONE 13 months ago
13/13. February 28, 1983...the end of an era.
Ready2go 13 months ago
10/13. Surprised I didn't do better.
bnichols23 13 months ago
Clean sweep again. Amazed me I remembered a couple.
hyppymom 13 months ago
I missed way too many. Having an extremely twitchy witchy day and I put my hand near the screen, twitch, wrong answers, twitch called random persons. At least they're all understanding. Lol
CaptainDunsel 13 months ago
I outsmarted myself on #8, the most obvious one of the lot.
cperrynaples CaptainDunsel 13 months ago
Well, you wouldn't have if you watched Toon in With Me! And yes there is both a Barbra Streisand movie and a Bugs Bunny cartoon with the same title!
cperrynaples cperrynaples 13 months ago
Fun Fact: The toon was in the movie's final scene! Bonus Question: What was Barbra's last line and what was Ryan O'Neal's response?
vinman63 13 months ago
After Trapper left it went to the crapper.
cperrynaples vinman63 13 months ago
No, but I believe it was destroyed in one episode...LOL!
bnichols23 cperrynaples 13 months ago
You a funny guy.
RichLorn vinman63 13 months ago
Agreed Bj Hunnycutt stunk. And Mike Farrell's air of self importance when out of character makes himself look like a fool.
frenchman71 13 months ago
9/13, but the quizmaster said I went 9/10. The later seasons I didn't care for, from about season 9 to the end. It wasn't funny anymore and it got too preachy. The best seasons were the early years with Henry, Trapper and Frank.
tsgabel frenchman71 13 months ago
I agree, it got WAY too preachy. The book it was inspired by was hysterically funny. The TV show should have stayed that way too.
Sebrannon 13 months ago
I got 13 of 13! Yay. I used to watch M*A*S*H with my dad and watch it still. I have the series on DVD. I love this show. Being a nurse it’s amazing how far things have progressed since the 50’s. One of a kind show!
cperrynaples Sebrannon 13 months ago
Isn't that what Hawkeye said about Radar?
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