Can you tell the difference between Bret Maverick and Paladin?

These well-dressed Western heroes for hire have a lot in common – do you know what sets them apart?


On the surface, the heroes of Maverick and Have Gun – Will Travel appear to have a lot in common. Both Bret Maverick and Paladin travel the West doing odd jobs and settling scores — even if they'd rather not resort to violence. Both can even be quite funny at times.

Paladin was actually referenced in the Maverick episode "Gun-Shy." The story, a parody of Gunsmoke, follows Marshal Mort Dooley and his deputy Clyde Diefendorfer who remarks that a gunfighter "came into town last week handing out business cards." The business-minded Paladin sure fits that description!

Of course, there are more than a few differences between the leads of Maverick and Have Gun – Will Travel. Can you tell which gallant gunfighter the following descriptions are about?

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  1. Though he travels throughout the West, he is based out of a hotel in San Francisco.
  2. He sometimes gets caught up in adventures with his brother.
  3. He is usually hired for a standard fee of $1,000.
  4. He often recounts lessons and wisdom from his father saying, "Like my old Pappy used to say…"
  5. He is much better with his fists than with his gun.
  6. He graduated from West Point.
  7. He wins a "full-blooded Arabian mount" in a poker game that turns out to be a camel.
  8. He wears bright colored clothes unless out on a job where he changes into all black.
  9. He often quotes historical literature like Shakespeare and Don Quixote.
  10. He was once mistaken for real life historical figure Doc Holliday.

Can you tell the difference between Bret Maverick and Paladin?

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LynCarrigan 9 months ago
9 out of 10 cause I love Paladin. Does anyone know if he had a first name?
Muleskinner 31 months ago
10/10. Two of my favorite westerns.
Cowgirl 31 months ago
That was easy. Paladin wore navy blue, not black. It just looked black because the show was filmed in black & white.
MichaelSkaggs 36 months ago
10 out of 10. One note. According to the cover photos of the HGWT Dell comic book Paladin wore a dark blue shirt, not a black one.
quanchiverous 36 months ago
I feel good about my score. I’m a fan of Richard Boone and James Garner
Ravenstorm 37 months ago
Missed 2. Paladin is so sexy. He was a player , and hey boy helped.
bnichols23 37 months ago
Well, I feel a *little* better now that I've taken this one vis-à-vis the TZ one. This one at least I skated through without a hitch; some of the questions were really too easy.
BrownieMom 37 months ago
7/10 Not bad since I've never watched either show.
Muleskinner 37 months ago
10/10. Two of my favorite westerns! 🤠🤠
DennisAnderson 37 months ago
I also liked "Hec Ramsey," in which Richard Boone was an investigator in the old west whom was keen on the "modern advances," utilizing the fledging field of forensics and chemical analysis. (In one episode, he picked up a lady trying to figure how to cross the muddy edge of the street w/o soiling the hem of her dress. Upon being explained he tries to be gallant, she demanded why he did not lay his coat down for her cross. "Well, ma'm, in this town dry cleaning costs five cents but a shoe shine is only two cents." "So, you're also cheap," she replied. He answered, "Well, yes, ma'm, but that why I can afford to be gallant."
StephenLeonFarris 37 months ago
How was Bret Maverick series able to transpire [and was it after Maverick series.]
Philsnipes 37 months ago
A couple of favorite westerns. Got 10/10.
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