Can you tell the difference between a Blondie song and a Love Boat story?

Can you find rapture — or will this quiz trick you one way or another?


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In the late 1970s and early 1980s, love was in the discos and on the water. Two of the biggest things going in pop culture were The Love Boat and Blondie. The two had a lot more in common than you might think.

Both Debbie Harry and the Love Boat screenwriters had a way of writing about romance with sharp wit, and Blondie seemed a bit obsessed with writing about the ocean. 

On paper, a Blondie song title and Love Boat episode can sound, well, rather interchangeable. Don't believe us? Try to get more than 12 correct!

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  1. "The Village People Ride Again"
  2. "Heart of Glass"
  3. "The Tide Is High"
  4. "Ex Plus Y"
  5. "Hit or Miss America"
  6. "Love at the Pier"
  7. "Hey, Jealous Lover"
  8. "Island of Lost Souls"
  9. "Bermuda Triangle Blues (Flight 45)"
  10. "Computerman"
  11. "The Kissing Bandit"
  12. "Disco Baby"
  13. "Man Overboard"
  14. "Kung Fu Girls"
  15. "I'll Never Forget What's Her Name"
  16. "Accidents Never Happen"
  17. "Till Death Do Us Part — Maybe"

Can you tell the difference between a Blondie song and a Love Boat story?

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Runeshaper 17 months ago
11/17 Great artist and Great show!
Dario 17 months ago
9 out of 17. 🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂
Big3Fan 17 months ago
A baker's dozen. I was never on board with Blondie or TLB.
CaptainDunsel 17 months ago
Probably my best "guessing" score EVER!! "Heart of Glass" was the only one I was confident about.
Watched just enough "Love Boat" to have a rough sense of their titles. And all I really remember of Blondie is the Dead Dog Records story arc in the "Wiseguy" TV series with Ken Wahl.
KJExpress 17 months ago
15/17. Not quite sure how I managed that. I only knew a handful of Blondie songs. 🤲
BrittReid 17 months ago
15/17 Only knew the Blondie answers. No fan of Love Boat.
Maverick66 17 months ago
14/17. Knew a lot of Blondie; otherwise, I'd have been totally lost.
JHP 17 months ago
10/17 - thought I would do better - "better tomorrows"
KingDinosaur 17 months ago
16 / 17 missing #12. I have no idea how that was possible since neither the singer nor the series were on my radar in the 1980s except peripherally.
LoveMETV22 KingDinosaur 17 months ago
Probably lucky guesses. Blondie was more a 70's group, although a few years @ the beginning of the 80's. The Love Boat on the other hand spanned a good portion of the 80's.
daDoctah KingDinosaur 17 months ago
Same one I missed. I kept waiting for "The Attack of the Giant Ants" or "Rip Her to Shreads". (That's how it was spelled on the original album release; no idea why I can't find any evidence of that on the web.)
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