Are these things more Boomer or Millennial?

Stake your generational claim.


On the surface, Boomers and Millennials could not be more different. Boomers, those born during the “baby boom” after the Second World War, were raised in vastly different circumstances than Millennials, those born in the last 15-20 years of the 20th century.

However, their interests might not be so far apart. Obvious cultural and technological changes aside, there are many similarities. Millennials love all things retro like vinyl records, film photography and sixties fashion. But have they brought it back enough to claim it as their own?

Here are twelve things that could apply to either generation. Choose whether you think each one best applies to Boomers or Millennials. We’ll show you how popular your answers are in this poll.

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  1. Listening to vinyl records
  2. Wearing high waisted jeans
  3. Loving a good diner meal
  4. Blasting music their parents hated
  5. Road tripping in a van
  6. Shooting photographs on film
  7. Going to an outdoor music festival
  8. Wearing a flower crown (especially at a music festival)
  9. Visiting theme parks
  10. Listening to an audio series or show
  11. Eating TV dinners
  12. Being a passionate TV fan

Are these things more Boomer or Millennial?

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WGH 31 months ago
74% similar.

I really like TV dinners because my mom was a terrible terrible cook. I mean she was bad. Not only did ittaste bad, it often made us ill.

My dad suspects that she was just trying to get out of cooking. Looking back, I believe he was right.
DerekBird 35 months ago
83% similar
83% similar to the most popular responses.
srstein 47 months ago
75% similar. Not bad for Generation X
Laura 48 months ago
I stay close to the middle of the road on these type quizzes
TheDavBow3 49 months ago
83%. I picked van for millenials because use I was thinking station wagon for boomers. We would fold the back seat down in our station wagon, sit right up against the real glass window, ask our parents to mash on the brakes then we'd tumble forward to the front seat! Lots of fun! We still survived. Run with scissors anyone?
Dario 49 months ago
WOW!!!!! 91% similar! Impressive! 👍👍👍👍👍 😀😀😀😀😀
_leah621_ 49 months ago
As a young person I just want to say Vinyl is amazing. Though the best thing is when you go to a record store to find an original vinyl from a long time ago that's cheap with no scratches :)
Diz 49 months ago
I'm a boomer who still plays more vinyl at home than CD's. I'm glad that vinyl has made a comeback with millennials.
EmBee 49 months ago
Mostly Boomer stuff for the Boomer Network!
Pacificsun 49 months ago
Wow. It doesn't look like Millennials have any kind of life at all!
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