Can you remember what Frosty the Snowman looks like without seeing him?

Can you see this jolly, happy soul without actually seeing him?


Image: NBCUniversal

His bubbly personality mixed with his Christmas cheer made Frosty the Snowman a jolly happy soul. The cartoon came to life one day in 1969 and has been a holiday season staple ever since. 

His large stature and distinctive characteristics give him away as soon you see him. What about if you can't see him, can you still remember what he looks like? 

Below are several questions about Frosty's appearance. See if you can get them right without seeing a picture of the snowman! All answers refer to the 1969 animation special. 

Good luck and have fun!

  1. What color is Frosty's hat?
  2. What is attached to Frosty's hat?
  3. What was the color of it?
  4. What is the color of Frosty's pipe?
  5. His nose?
  6. How many fingers does Frosty have?
  7. Can you see Frosty's toes?
  8. What item is Frosty most likely to be holding?
  9. When his magic silk hat isn't on, does Frosty have hair?

Can you remember what Frosty the Snowman looks like without seeing him?

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bsantaniello 3 months ago
6/9 yikes I really messed this one up.
Irish 5 months ago
9/9 on Frosty quiz. I'm 73 years old and still feel it isn't Christmas without watching Frosty!!
scp 15 months ago
#2 says he only had a flower on his hat, but the picture they show at the end shows his hat with a black ribbon and a flower. A hat band is a ribbon that goes around the hat.
LalaLucy 15 months ago
8 out of 9. Tricky question about the fingers tripped me up.
SusanWilkinson 15 months ago
Well, I missed a lot of colors. Haven’t watched it in a few years, thought I might remember enough. Merry Christmas!
Herbert 15 months ago
Just watched frosty the other night with my great nieces and still miss three that's bad.
Tracye 16 months ago
6/9 I watched it growing up, with all 3 of my kids and my grandson. I thought it would be easy lol was fun but disappointed in myself. Oh well, Merry Christmas to all !
JHP 16 months ago
5/9 - orwell - happy holidays to all:)

stay warm - gonna be a nasty one
itsGretchen 16 months ago
I don't understand #6, what number / how much is 'both'?
Katzi itsGretchen 16 months ago
Both is 2
DeannaT itsGretchen 15 months ago
Frosty has 4 fingers but when he counts to 5 he has 5. Lol silly!
Piglet itsGretchen 15 months ago
The answer is Both - since he mostly has four fingers but when he counts to five, he "magically" has five fingers! :)
CaptainDunsel 16 months ago
I'd make a terrible witness.
slinton4 16 months ago
9/9. Woohoo and Merry Christmas!!!!
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