Can you remember all the lyrics in California Dreamin'?

MeTV fans voted it the best song of the 1960s. But can you sing every word?

You, the MeTV fans, voted "California Dreamin'" the best song of the 1960s. Sorry, Fab Four! The Mamas and the Papas — the folk quartet of John Phillips, Denny Doherty, Cass Elliot and Michelle Phillips — beat out the Beatles and the Monkees to take the top spot!

It's hard to argue with those beautiful harmonies. The bittersweet poetry of the lyrics still strikes a chord, too.

But can you remember all the words to the song?

"California Dreamin'" is just two short verses and a chorus. Sing along in your head and try to fill the blanks! (And don't forget to vote on the best TV show of the 1960s!)

  1. All the leaves are _______
  2. …and the _______ is _______
  3. I've been for a _______
  4. …on a ________ day
  5. I'd be _______ and warm
  6. …if I was in _______
  7. I stopped into a _______
  8. …I passed along the _______
  9. I _______ down on my knees
  10. …and I _______ to pray
  11. You know the ________ like the _______
  12. He knows I'm _______ _______

Can you remember all the lyrics in California Dreamin'?

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Whitechapel 2 months ago
12/12 love this song, but the Mamas and Papas beating the Beatles? Seriously?!?
Thomas 15 months ago
I know I can find a station that has it in rotation anytime.
trogg888 16 months ago
its began to pray
ll675i trogg888 16 months ago
Michelle Phillips said (she wrote the line)said "it's pretend to pray
Mark 16 months ago
100% but if not multiple choice would've missed the preacher one because I thought it was "lights his coal." I didn't participate in that survey but am not surprised that the winner turned out to be one that is that familiar to everyone. It's not even my favorite M&P song, "Creque Alley" is.
Joe 16 months ago
Great tune… but the BEST of the 60's? I don't think so. It should be one of The Beatles' songs!
SheriHeffner 16 months ago
I remember hearing that song as a small child on the radio, when we had and I'm saying "had" Decades, I watched The Best Of Ed Sullivan every weekday. I loved watching it because I have zero memories of The Ed Sullivan show because It was bedtime for me about 8 PM. I am watching the Mamas And Papas singing California Dreamin' on The Best Of Ed Sullivan and I and I notice as they're supposed t be singing and eating fruit at the same time I know they are lip singing to music. They also looked stoned out of their gourds!
They probably were stoned out of their "gourds" BUT laughing all the way to the BANK🤑🤑🤑 CALIFORNIA DREAMIN 🍁🍂
LoveLeigh01 16 months ago
(You got 9 out of 12
Pass or fail, you probably want to listen to the song again right now, don't you?)

And actually, yes I do!! One of my favorite songs. Besides "Castles Made of Sand" by our dearly departed Jimi Hendrix...😊
Angie 16 months ago
That was a walk in the park. Love that song.
MrsPhilHarris 16 months ago
12/12 Not my favourite song but that was easy.
AllisonWunderland 16 months ago
That was the fastest I've ever completed a quiz! Think I broke a record 😂😂😂
And I thought The Road Runner, Speedy Gonzales and The Flash were fast. Nope its Allison through the Looking Glass Wunderland. You go girl. Burning rubber
I know! 😂 Who would have ever thought I could beat The Flash...P.S. don't tell Sheldon!! 😳😉
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