Tell us your opinions on these Christmas staples!

How does your holiday compare to other viewers'? Take this survey to see!


Everyone does the holidays in their own way. Some people deck the halls and then some, others prefer a simple wreath and maybe a small tree. Some people put their stockings above their fireplace, others along a stairway. You get the idea.

However you like to celebrate the season, we're curious!

We put together a nifty little survey so that you can share your thoughts on these common Christmas traditions. See how your celebration antics compare to other MeTV viewers!

  1. There seem to be two classic color combinations that pop up around this time of year. Which do you prefer?
  2. Are you using a real tree or a fake tree?
  3. Are you the type to decorate outside?
  4. Are you an early riser or a late sleeper on Christmas?
  5. When do you start listening to Christmas music?
  6. Do you prefer to participate in a Secret Santa gift exchange or a white elephant gift exchange?
  7. When it comes to placing gifts under the tree, which method do you practice?
  8. Do you open your gifts on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day?
  9. What kind of décor do you put underneath your tree?
  10. When you do open gifts on Christmas Day, do you open them before breakfast or after breakfast?
  11. Where do you hang your stockings?
  12. What are your feelings concerning this Elf on the Shelf craze? Is it super cute or super creepy?

Tell us your opinions on these Christmas staples!

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Amalthea 42 months ago
1. Red and Green, only because I don't like gold.
2. I PREFER a real tree, but we don't have room in our apartment for ANY tree.
3. Apartment: can't decorate outside even if I wanted to...which I don't.
4. Early Riser...but I'm ALWAYS an early riser.
5. The day after Thanksgiving...right up to New Year's Eve, when everything Christmas gets put away.
6. White Elephants are fun! One year I actually put in a little white elephant figurine, and everyone "fought" over it.
7. Christmas Eve. When our daughters were little it was after they went to sleep; now they're older teenagers, so they help...but it's still Christmas Eve.
8. Christmas Morning
9. If we had a tree (see #2) it would be "just gifts"; the Nativity goes on a shelf.
10. Before breakfast, but all 4 of us have some French Vanilla tea.
11. We don't have a fireplace, a banister, or a tree: our daughters' stockings hang on a door frame.
12. Super creepy! We never did the fat man in the red suit, so the Elf would be redundant.
eyegor 53 months ago
I still have an 'Elf on the Shelf' from way way back. It used to have some serious hair, but after all these years it has a serious case of baldness. Time is like that!
DK 54 months ago
66% I also put stuffed animals around the tree.
Debbyt627 54 months ago
I had what is now called an elf on the shelf in the '60s (and I still have it), but it was just a cute decoration. This new craze is ridiculous, especially when parents tell their kids the elf is always watching them to report back to Santa. THAT is creepy.
RobCertSDSCascap Debbyt627 54 months ago
Not as creepy as the family whose baby monitor got hacked by
"Santa Claus"! He tried to convince their daughter "he was her best friend"
and she "could do anything she wanted, like smash her television"!
KatHat 54 months ago
100% similar -- Elf on the Shelf didn't come out till my kids were grown up - I can see it being cute if you have little ones, but otherwise it is creepy! Grew up with real trees, but I love having a fake one that I can twist the branches all away from the back area to give a much fuller tree, plus the branches can be moved if there are much larger ornaments.
I'm surprised the question of what goes on top of your tree: Angel or Star?
We have always had an angel (and my kids took turns from year to year on getting to put it on)
Angie 54 months ago
34%. Oh, well. I grew up with real trees but as an adult, the sight of all those lovely, perfect trees thrown to the curb like trash makes me sad.
Corey 54 months ago
I'm Jewish. Don't believe in the myth. I got toys not socks and underwear.
booster Corey 54 months ago
Did Hanukkah Harry bring them?
Lee booster 54 months ago
This is the USA. WE believe in God and celebrate CHRISTMAS.
Amalthea Lee 42 months ago
Ummm...there are American Jewish people, and Jews also believe in God. I am a Christian, but, while I don't appreciate Corey calling Jesus a "myth" (Watch the movie "A Case for Christ" to see that He was indeed real), I will support his celebration of Hanukkah.
Lacey 54 months ago
100% similar.
This site is getting cultish.
RobCertSDSCascap Lacey 54 months ago
Blue Öyster Cultish?
idkwut2use 54 months ago
Red & green...but silver & gold are nice too. *sings the song*
We always used to have fun picking out real trees, but my dad eventually got sick of it, so last year we got him a nice Balsam Hill one as a gift. The old annoying-to-assemble artificial one that we used to put in the middle of the front yard has been gone for years...
We decorate outside, but sometimes (like this year) it takes a while to get everything down from the attic and out...-_-
We get up early and start opening stuff before breakfast. After the initial exchange of one gift each on Christmas Eve. All the gifts go under the tree that night. Stockings hang on the bricks around the fireplace.
And I'd rather do a Secret Santa.
texasluva 54 months ago
I only got 58% similar but sure was fun. Elf on a Shelf and White Elephant ha! Pink Elephant I know.
JDnHuntsvilleAL 54 months ago
WTH _IS_ "Elf on a shelf"?
I have no clue either
booster JDnHuntsvilleAL 54 months ago
It's a little elf, actually kind of creepy looking, that you place on the mantle of a fireplace. It's supposed to be Santa's helper. I don't know when the tradition started.
MrsPhilHarris 54 months ago
75% I have not heard of the White Elephant gift giving.
teire MrsPhilHarris 54 months ago
I’ve heard of it but have no idea what it is.
JDnHuntsvilleAL teire 54 months ago
Basically you give away something you have that you don't want, but it should be in good to great shape -- no junk. One example might be -- I could give away this clock radio I have that was compatible with the old-style iPhone / iPod connector. The clock and radio still work fine, I just don't use it with my lightening-connector iPhone.
I never heard of It and I never cared for Secret Santa
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