Can you recognize these Sixties stars in Eighties Perry Mason movies?

Raymond Burr’s contemporaries from classic Westerns, sitcoms and sci-fi shows all made appearances in the later Perry Mason mysteries.

The Eighties was full of nostalgia for the Fifties and Sixties. There were movies like Back to the Future and Stand By Me, plus many TV reunion specials that brought together the casts of hit TV shows from back in the day.

The Perry Mason TV movies were so successful, they practically became their own sequel series! Many famous faces from the era of the original show made appearances in the Eighties specials. 

Here are 12 Sixties actors in Perry Mason TV movies. Only a classic TV expert can name them all!

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  1. Who is this Sixties TV star?
  2. He was a judge in Perry Mason but two decades earlier he was a Sergeant.
  3. Which Hitchcock film star is this?
  4. Do you recognize this Sixties Western star?
  5. He's most famous for a Seventies role, but he appeared all over Sixties TV as well.
  6. Who is this former teen star?
  7. He's known for 'Alien' but started on Sixties TV.
  8. Who is this Sixties Western actor?
  9. She starred in many Sixties movies.
  10. He led two shows in the Sixties.
  11. He played Police Lt. Steve Drumm in the original Perry Mason and a lawyer in the first TV movie.
  12. She had memorable roles in Star Trek and many other Sixties shows.

Can you recognize these Sixties stars in Eighties Perry Mason movies?

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JHP 20 days ago

like shooting fish in a barrel:)
Pacificsun 20 days ago
Robert Vaughn: I don't see a Perry Mason Movie in his resume.

Which one of the Perry Mason TV-movies is in he?
Pacificsun Pacificsun 13 days ago
RF is in Movie #16, Case of the Defiant Daughter, starring Robert Culp! 1990
Pacificsun 21 days ago
Nailed it!

A true Sixties TV Fan!!
retro6 1 month ago
12/12 this one was easy for me!
STTOS 1 month ago
You got 10 out of 12 - Did you ace this quiz or is your score for the birds... get it? Tippi Hedren? The Birds? Missed #7 and #9. Was able to eliminate one answer from each but guessed wrong anyway. Oh well.
Stardoc 1 month ago
11/12. Goofed on number 9. Almost missed number 6 as the picture doesn’t really look like Patty Duke, but looked less like the other choices. A fun quiz.
Moverfan 1 month ago
Got 12/12. At my house, Yaphet Kotto is known for two things. One is playing the bad guy, Mr. Big, in Live & Let Die. The other is Lieutenant Al Giradello in Homicide: Life On The Street. (A bit of trivia--he, Kyle Secor, Richard Belzer and Clark Johnson are the only four cast members who were on Homicide for the entire run of the series.)
MikeBaker 1 month ago
My Answers weren't for the birds, 12 for 12
RichLorn 1 month ago
The extra point is because I also correctly answered "Did you ace this quiz or is your score for the birds?" and my answer was "I aced it". So that makes 13.
pcnuez 1 month ago
Got 10 out of 12. The good news is, that I have MeTV available for me to bone up on becoming more familiar with the two I missed.
DeannaT 1 month ago
I was doing well till the last hum 8 out of 12.
CecilMJames1 1 month ago
I got all 12 right now I see why people tell me that I wouldn't be fun at trivial pursuit.
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