Can you recognize the Mayberry set in other TV shows and movies?

Hey, those streets look familiar!


Ron Howard was more than Opie Taylor. He later became Richie Cunningham, the star of American Graffiti, and a director. 

Likewise, Opie's hometown of Mayberry had a life beyond The Andy Griffith Show. The sitcom filmed on the 40 Acres lot, formerly the filming hub of RKO Studios. The downtown "Mayberry" set played a prominent role in several classic movies and shows before it turned into a small town in North Carolina.

Elsewhere, the familiar Mayberry streets turned up in science-fiction, spy stories, superheroes shows and more. See if you can recognize the production filming on the streets of Mayberry!

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  1. Mayberry had a post-apocalyptic look in this 1966 episode.
  2. The downtown looked pretty abandoned on this show, too.
  3. Decades earlier, the city set served as Atlanta in this classic film.
     Image: MGM
  4. Believe it or not, little Mayberry also served as a major metropolis on this show.
  5. Mayberry could even be the setting for some great sci-fi.
  6. A car chase through downtown Mayberry? Where's Barney when you need him!
  7. Mayberry could even go undercover on spy shows.
  8. Mayberry could even be a place as far away as northern Nevada.
  9. Which classic adventure-comedy blockbuster threw this parade in the same Mayberry streets?
  10. Mayberry could even be the mean streets of the Midwest, as on this classic show.

Can you recognize the Mayberry set in other TV shows and movies?

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dethLSMO89 51 months ago
4 out of 10. Don't watch Andy Griffith or some of the other shows either.
mhfisher35 53 months ago
Perfect! Couldn’t fool me. 😜
louiejl 53 months ago
9 out of 10. Can't believe I missed the Bonanza one. Still watch the Cartwrights!
TexasGreek 53 months ago
Missed #8

You got 9 out of 10
RedSamRackham TexasGreek 17 months ago
* Me too! 90% Score!
TimRoof 53 months ago
8 out of 10. I always get the western questions wrong because I rarely watched them as a kid, only Bonanza to some extent.
Shari 53 months ago
I love Mayberry & the Andy Griffith show...!
MikefromJersey 53 months ago
10 for 10, baby.
Question Four is wrong:
"Believe it or not, little Mayberry also served as a major metropolis on this show."

This shot was used more than once in the first season of Superman when Lois and Clark
are sent on out of town assignments to tiny villages in the sticks., it does NOT take place in Metropolis or as you say "a major metropolis." It was used on the episode where the little men come out of a oil well shaft, from the center of the earth. Not only do I ace all of these quizzes, I repeatedly correct MeTV's mistakes as well.
King Of All MeTV Quiz Takers
Mayberry was also the nightmare slum that was shown each time the Green Hornet left via the secret entrance to his garage, in his car driven by Kato(Bruce Lee).
leebillyold MikefromJersey 53 months ago
THERE were other TV shows shared the same set as Andy Griffth Show or Mayberry show
leebillyold MikefromJersey 53 months ago
#4 shows Lois and Clark getting away
TimRoof MikefromJersey 53 months ago
That is the Superman episode that has left the most impression on me from my childhood. The little radioactive men.
MikefromJersey TimRoof 53 months ago
Me too, I always remember being horrified as a kid when the mob members shoot one of the little fellas off the dam. I didn't know till I was an adult that it was also an allegory on lynching and racism. At least according to Jack Larsen(Jimmy Olsen).
denny MikefromJersey 53 months ago
They put Metropolis just to give us a hint, geez.
Pacificsun 53 months ago
Interesting pictures, those were cool. Missed 3 though.
BrentwoodJon 53 months ago
Desilu Studios was the BEST
10 of 10
I can't think of a show I didn't like.
RickBox 53 months ago
9/10 - wow, do I wish this back lot still existed.
moax429 RickBox 53 months ago
9/10 also. Tripped up on #9.

I think that lot still exists, but as part of the Paramount lot (when Lucille Ball sold Desilu to Paramount Communications, Inc. in 1967, the Desilu lots were part of the deal. Before the sale, Desilu and Paramount were neighbors, but the two studios' properties were divided by a brick wall).
DavidBarker moax429 53 months ago
Nope, the Back 40 acres is long gone. Torn down and a business complex is on the land. You can satellite Google map view it and see exactly where it was..
moax429 DavidBarker 53 months ago
Thanks. I'll check that out.
denny DavidBarker 53 months ago
There is also video on YouTube showing what is ther now.
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