Can you recognize the classic TV stars on these vintage album covers?

Actors can do everything from pop to gospel!

Actors — they can do more than act. Yes, many of them can sing, too! Not just on their TV shows, on real, actually released albums!

Dozens of famous television stars have dabbled in recording music. Some of them have even scored No. 1 hits.

Let's see if you can recognize the following classic TV faces on record covers. Did you collect any of these?

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  1. Hey, it's Lisa Whelchel, host of MeTV's Collector's Call! You know her best as which character?
  2. You could hear 'The Touch of…' this Star Trek character on this 1969 album.
  3. She starred on this Seventies series.
  4. Vicki Lawrence is best known for playing this character.
  5. You could find her on which 1960s sitcom?
  6. He was known for playing which sitcom kid?
  7. You know her best as…?
  8. This onetime rocker is better known as…?
  9. He was the title character on which sitcom?
  10. You could find this fellow wearing a cowboy hat as…?
  11. This funnyman could be found serving in…?
  12. This "Minor" character appeared in more than 100 episodes of…?

Can you recognize the classic TV stars on these vintage album covers?

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RobertK 3 months ago
12 of 12. This one was pretty easy! Made up for the last few quizzes I bombed. Interesting how many actors were also singers. Dennis the Menace and Spock? Whoa, now I gotta hear these!!
zekezeus1 3 months ago
The late great Nichelle Nichols who was Nyota Uhura in Star Trek was an accomplished singer in her own right and sang with Duke Ellington. She had several albums throughout her career. She had amazing vocals. I have many of her songs on my playlist. Check out Charlie X on TOS. Her singing talent is showcased in that episode. ❤️😊
CaptainDunsel 3 months ago
Now I'm trying to remember if I still have a copy of "The Two Sides of Leonard Nimoy" stashed somewhere. (Probably next to a copy of "The Transformed Man".)
oldmoe51 3 months ago
Another easy quiz might not have gotten 12/12 if number 9 didn’t give up the answer in the picture I’ve never watched The Many Loves of Dobie Gillis.
Peter_Falk_Fan 3 months ago
11/12 missed the last one. I knew it wasn't "That Girl".
Runeshaper 3 months ago
10/1 Lots of GREAT folks here!

Looks like you know both sides of these TV stars!
CoreyC 3 months ago
12/12 Too Easy. I believe that Cheryl Ladd was Josie's singing voice in the Josie and the Pussycats cartoon.
Bapa1 3 months ago
12/12, in the 80's, I had albums by Don Johnson and Bruce Willis. They were pretty good. Don Johnson did have a musical background. Donny Most thought he was going to be such a big star.
daDoctah Bapa1 3 months ago
By the time David Soul came out with a record while he was doing Starsky & Hutch, I had already forgotten he did some singing way back when he was on Here Come the Brides.
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