Can you recognize all these celebrity guest stars on The Big Valley?

There were comedians, TV hosts and future movie stars!

The Big Valley follows the exploits of the Barkley family led by Barbara Stanwyck's Victoria. It originally aired for four seasons in the late 1960s, the perfect time to help launch the careers of young actors destined to become household names from the blockbuster movies released over the next two decades.

But future movie stars weren’t the only notable people who acted on the series. Comedians, TV hosts, and well-known faces from other Westerns also made appearances.

Can you recognize all these celebrities who guest-starred on The Big Valley? Try your luck below!

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  1. He is in many Westerns on screens big and small. It's...
  2. He's usually seen sitting in a different kind of chair. It's...
  3. Who is this young actor?
  4. Who is this not-so-young actor?
  5. Which future Brady sister is this?
  6. He's most famous in another uniform. It's...
  7. Do you recognize this actor?
  8. Who is this future movie star?
  9. Can you recognize this famous TV grandma?
  10. Here's another actor on The Big Valley before becoming a movie star. It's...
  11. He's most famous for a different Western series. It's...
  12. Here's another Western actor. It's...
  13. Can you recognize the comedian under this beard?
  14. Who is this TV host?
  15. Do you recognize this actress?

Can you recognize all these celebrity guest stars on The Big Valley?

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jimmyvici 7 days ago
12/15....not too shabby. I didn’t realize how good looking Richard Dreyfus was. Hardly recognized him
Filmnoirfan 8 days ago
14/15 - apparently another average score after stumbling on Paul Fix
Mob39 10 days ago
You got 15/15 - I knew who they weren’t! Richard Dreyfus looked so different! cloris Leachman too!
Toot1956 11 days ago
15/15 yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep
FLETCH 11 days ago
14 out of 15 Only missed #12, have no idea who that is
Bobis4LSU59 FLETCH 11 days ago
That was the one I missed also.
stephaniestavr5 FLETCH 10 days ago
That was Paul Fixx. He played Sheriff Micah Torrance on The Rifleman.
Dizzydude 11 days ago
In the credits it always read just HEATH.NOT Heath Barkley.
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Sorry, evidently MeTV took my comment off, what it was is an invitation to the next issue of my quiz (it’s now over, Stephanie got it right) but anyways it’s on the Columbo article if you want to look at it. 🙂
Haha oh ok. Thanks for the invite. Hopefully I'll give it a try on the next quiz 😊
trogg888 12 days ago
iguessed right on the cloris one although it doesnt look like any of them but cloris was in a lot of those old westerns and i really dont remember those others being in any westerns but they probably were.there were still contract players back then and they put people on the payroll whereever they wanted
Dizzydude trogg888 11 days ago
She was hot when she was young
HowieManheimer 12 days ago
That last face looks 100% like TERI GARR to me, suppose I could be mistaken.....

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