Can you pass this true or false quiz about 'The Dentist' sketch from The Carol Burnett Show?

True or false: You will pass this true or false quiz.


It's known as one of funniest comedic sketches of all time. "The Dentist" sketch from The Carol Burnett Show made a ton of people laugh. One of those people being actor Harvey Korman, who visibly breaks character during the iconic sketch. 

How well do you remember this legendary sketch? Do you think you can get a 10/13 on the following true or false quiz? 

Good luck, and try to contain the laughter while thinking about this incredible bit! 

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  1. True or false: Harvey Korman's character needs dental attention on a Saturday.
  2. True or false: Korman's character has to be convinced to stay at the office.
  3. True or false: Before starting his work, Tim Conway's character says the bill for the visit will be 35 dollars.
  4. True or false: At dental school, Conway's character got "Cs" in the filling and pulling categories of dentistry.
  5. True or false: He also got "Cs" in the cleaning category.
  6. True or false: Conway's character had only practiced dentistry on animals prior to Korman's character.
  7. True or false: Conway puts a doggy treat in the mouth of Korman.
  8. True or false: When there's no towel to dry his hands, Conway uses his shirt to dry them, which is likely unsanitary.
  9. True or false: Conway's character must refer to his book several times in order to treat his patient.
  10. True or false: Conway's character first jabs himself with Novocain in his arm.
  11. True or false: The forehead is NOT one of the places where the Novocain is mistakenly administered.
  12. True of false: Conway successfully pulls out Korman's aching tooth with the dentistry tool.
  13. True or false: Harvey Korman wet himself during the taping of "The Dentist" sketch.

Can you pass this true or false quiz about 'The Dentist' sketch from The Carol Burnett Show?

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jackbennyfan 18 days ago
I got 10/13. I like anything that Harvey and Tim do together. They just go together like Laurel and Hardy.
Kergooliewyn 18 months ago
9 of 13 This quizz was tougher than I thought it would be. However it did remind me of why I love novocaine.
ClassicTVnut 18 months ago
8/13 Guessing the right answers was like pulling teeth! Maybe I had too much Novacaine on the brain.
MOT1970 19 months ago
12 out of 13. I have only watched that skit one time. It is absolutely hilarious.
Ready2go 19 months ago
9/13 Classic comedy. Love to see Harvey try not to break up.
jackbennyfan 19 months ago
9/13. Tim and Harvey worked so well together. Tim sure knew how to make Harvey laugh.
geatornez82 19 months ago
12/13. Missed #8. Boy, that ticks me off, because this is one of my favorite sketches!
CortneyNicole 19 months ago
10/13 I Love Carol Burnett and Friends!
Lillyrose 19 months ago
4 out of 13. I haven't seen the hilarious dentist sketch in years!
CaptainDunsel 19 months ago
Conway also did a version of this same sketch in one of theatrical movies. I don't offhand recall which one, though.
geatornez82 CaptainDunsel 19 months ago
Was it "They Went That-A-Way and That-A-Way?" He did a dentist bit in that movie.
CaptainDunsel geatornez82 19 months ago
Yes! That's the one. I only saw part of it while channel-surfing, so I didn't know the title. But a quick look at IMDB confirmed it. Appreciate your backfilling my memory!
geatornez82 CaptainDunsel 18 months ago
You're welcome.
AllisonWunderland 19 months ago
10/13…Tim Conway was always hilarious 😉
Sway 19 months ago
9/13 Funny stuff. A couple of Three Stooges shorts come to mind.
AlbertHanson 19 months ago
13/13. I love The Carol Burnett Show.
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