Can you guess the movie by its parody on The Carol Burnett Show?

Do these spoofs look familiar?

Carol Burnett is one of the most versatile television personalities to ever grace the small screen. She was endearing and sweet but also outrageously hilarious. She could do impressions, original characters and sing songs while dancing in numbers that rivaled any Broadway show.

Burnett is also a huge fan of classic Hollywood. For proof, look no further than many of the sketches on The Carol Burnett Show. She used her abilities to poke fun at a wide range of movies from film noirs to musicals. She also parodied contemporary movies from that time.

Can you guess which movie these sketches are parodying?

  1. This iconic sketch parodies what movie?
  2. What classic horror film is this poking fun at?
  3. What 1970s Steven Spielberg is this making fun of?
  4. This hilarious sketch pokes fun at what 1970s disaster movie?
  5. What movie is this a parody of?
  6. Here is Carol Burnett as Joan Crawford, but in what movie?
  7. What 1940s family drama is this parodying?
  8. This sketch makes fun of what film noir?
  9. Steve Lawrence impersonates James Cagney in this sketch parodying what movie?
  10. Carol Burnett does Joan Crawford again, making fun of what movie?
  11. This sketch is a parody of what movie musical?
  12. What 1940s drama is this sketch making fun of?
  13. What 1960s animal movie is this sketch parodying?

Can you guess the movie by its parody on The Carol Burnett Show?

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idkwut2use 4 months ago
10/13; guess I can live with that...
TheDavBow3 18 months ago
9/13. Tougher than I thought.
Hunter 19 months ago
6 out of 13 I was born in the wrong generation
msglenn 19 months ago
6 of 13, mostly guesses, wrong guesses.
GregLemieux 19 months ago
11/13 Very challenging. She sure did some great movie parodies.
Mia 19 months ago
I got 10/13. Could've done a lil better
FLETCH 19 months ago
You got 8 out of 13
Disaster! Better luck next time... :/
Utzaake 19 months ago
5. Why the picture is so funny.
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