Can you pass this true or false quiz about James Garner?

How well do you know the legendary actor?

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Whether you refer to him as Bret Maverick or Jim Rockford, James Garner's success was decades-long. The actor and his brothers lived with relatives when their mother passed, but eventually reunited with their father. Garner had to deal with a few tough times during his childhood, including abuse from one of his stepmothers. 

Yet, despite his hardships, Garner became one of the most influential actors in Hollywood and promised himself he would be in control of his career.

How well do you know the Maverick and The Rockford Files actor? Can you pass this true or false quiz?

Good luck!

  1. James Garner's real name is James Bumgarner.
  2. He has a brother named Henry Garner.
  3. Garner was considered for a lead role in the Western series Cheyenne.
  4. He won an Emmy Award for his role as Jim Rockford in The Rockford Files.
  5. Warner Bros. fired the actor because they wanted someone else to play Bret Maverick.
  6. When he left Maverick, Garner thought his career was over.
  7. He married his wife, Lois, 14 days after they met.
  8. Garner didn't have a role in the 2004 romance-drama film The Notebook.
  9. Garner appeared on an episode of Gunsmoke.
  10. He received an Oscar nomination for his role in the 1985 film Murphy's Romance.

Can you pass this true or false quiz about James Garner?

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Moverfan 7 months ago
9/10 and I think this quiz has made a very important discovery...James Garner is quite possibly the only working actor from the fifties, sixties and seventies who DIDN'T appear on an episode of Gunsmoke!
Mark 11 months ago
9 out of 10...I never knew he was considered for the lead role in Cheyenne.

Regarding #1: Someone suggested to Jack Warner that he take a look at this young actor who had a lead role on stage in The Caine Mutiny Court-Martial. Warner was indeed impressed and asked the person he was with for that actor's name. When told his name was James Bumgarner, Warner showed his classic sense of humor when he responded, "Take the 'bum' out and give him a seven-year contract!".
murgatroid45 11 months ago
Wish they had kept Nichols on longer. Maybe it was a victim of the "rural purge"?
steveo5417 11 months ago
maverick was my favorite show that james garner did and maverick is the series i love best I hope metv runs all 124 episodes I noticed yall are skipping some episodes . Show them all thank you.
spence2054 11 months ago
Dang, missed the last one. Never saw Murphy's Romance.
Moverfan spence2054 7 months ago
I missed the one about Gunsmoke, soooo...together, we got all of them right!
grandpa5741 11 months ago
8/10 James Garner was an underrated actor
Douglas 11 months ago
9/10! fouled up on number 6. my favorite James Garner role is none other than Jim Rockford.
Ready2go 11 months ago
5/10. Thought I would do better.
Dario 11 months ago
9 out of 10! Got #6. wrong. 😁😁😁😁😁
JHP 11 months ago
6/10 orwell - Love the Rockford files - IMO Rocky is really a great character - along with Angel
MsRockford74 11 months ago
I think my favorite Garner role is probably Jim Rockford, with his performance in the Support Your Local Sheriff movie as a close second. :)
Dario MsRockford74 11 months ago
Great flick! Very funny throughout! 😁😁😁😁😁
bnichols23 11 months ago
6, not bad, not good. I always liked Garner, from the first time I watched Maverick when I was a kid. His performance in Murphy's Romance, but my favorite of his will always be Grand Prix.
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