Can you find the ONE Perry Mason episode that was filmed in color?

Which of these images did we change from color to black and white?


271 episodes across nine seasons, and only one episode was shot in color. 

Perry Mason became a legendary courtroom drama in no time. In 1957, the TV world was still very much black and white and this new series starring Raymond Burr was no exception. 

All but one episode out of 271 were shot in black and white. Only one episode was shot in color, and we want to know if you can guess which one it is! 

Below are nine screenshots from Perry Mason. Eight of them were originally aired in black and white, while the one that aired in color has been changed to black and white. 

Try to find the image and episode title that was originally shot in color! Keep guessing until you get the right answer! 

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  1. Can you find the one episode of Perry Mason that was originally shot in color?

Can you find the ONE Perry Mason episode that was filmed in color?

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wrs44145 11 months ago
I got it on the first try. I have seen the episode twice but did not care much for it.
1958Model 12 months ago
Didn't guess at that one.. 😉
Wiseguy70005 13 months ago
By now most people would know that.
cperrynaples 15 months ago
RIP Kevin O'Neal! He's the client pictured in TCOT Twice-Told Twist!
postman50 17 months ago
Got it!! Different hairstyle gave it away.
Wiseguy70005 postman50 13 months ago
He wore that hairstyle in the last half season, not on just one episode.
SkippyDevereaux 17 months ago
All I did was look at Perry's hairstyle!! Pretty easy to find after that !!
Even easier if you know the title of the episode and recognize Ryan O'Neal's brother.
RachelR SkippyDevereaux 17 months ago
Same here. I looked for the picture where he was older and heavier.
Herbert 17 months ago
I remembered the name of the episode.
BenSobeleone 17 months ago
Got this one correct! Seen this color episode on MeTV.
PulsarStargrave 17 months ago
Piece O' cake! No spoilers on how....
Mimi1130 17 months ago
Got it on the first try. Just a lucky guess!
Peter_Falk_Fan 17 months ago
3rd try. The only one I knew was 'The Case of the Blushing Pearls'. So, I chose one from each row and got lucky on the third pick. Judging from the comments, I should've studied the pictures first.
Moriyah 17 months ago
I wish there was a sixth season of Gomer! If there was, hopefully there would be a lot of really good episodes in it!
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Wiseguy70005 cperrynaples 13 months ago
Why does every fact have to be a fun fact?
Wiseguy70005 Moriyah 13 months ago
Please stick to the subject of the article/quiz.
texasluva Wiseguy70005 12 months ago
You're actually posting to those from 4 months ago. Bringing up mistakes of others just to suit your needs. I guess you're the same Wiseguy that shows up from time to time and rake everyone over the coals. Most of those you shake rattle and roll are long time MeTV quizzers and story watchers. We don't just talk about only the quiz but other areas of interest. No one here is perfect which is fine with most everyone else. See you in a month or two.
WitchyPooh Wiseguy70005 11 months ago
Is that a rule written down someplace? I like reading comments and questions about lots of other things and making us stick “to the subject at hand” would not only be restrictive and unnecessary, it will add constraints to spontaneous conversations. No, I like things more casual and spontaneous.
Catman 17 months ago
nah. I always bomb on these.
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