Can you pass the Perry Mason true or false quiz?

Examine the clues and separate the lies from the truth!

Do you have a keen mind like Perry Mason? Well, to be honest, that's a high bar to reach. 

You probably have at least seen episodes of Perry Mason. Which means you are skilled enough to pass this true or false test!

Think before you click. Sort out the truth. Good luck!

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  1. Perry Mason never lost a case.
  2. Raymond Burr was in a Godzilla movie.
  3. The entire 'Perry Mason' series was produced in black and white.
  4. Raymond Burr was the first actor to portray Perry Mason.
  5. Mystery writer Erle Stanley Gardner, creator of the Perry Mason character, acted in an episode.
  6. Raymond Burr missed several episodes due to illness and had to be temporarily replaced with screen legend Bette Davis and Mike Connors (Mannix).
  7. Burr originally auditioned for the role of Hamilton Burger.
  8. Every episode takes place inside a Los Angeles courtroom.
  9. Every episode title begins with "The Case of…"
  10. The theme song is titled "Park Avenue Beat."
  11. Barbara Hale (Della Street) and Alan Hale Jr. (The Skipper from 'Gilligan's Island') are related.

Can you pass the Perry Mason true or false quiz?

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DebraNeargarder 25 months ago
10 out of 11 not too bad but then I love the show can't wait for the movies!
Nightshade1972 33 months ago
When NBC started doing the Perry Mason mystery movies in the 80s, that's how William Katt got the role of Paul Drake--William Hopper (who originated the role) was deceased, and William Katt was Barbara Hale's (Della Street) son.
EllisClevenger 41 months ago
You got 11 out of 11
You only got three or fewer wrong — just like Perry Mason with his cases!
Stacie 64 months ago
This was an easy one!! Die hard Perry Mason fan here!!
thedude1500 64 months ago
10/11 the last one slipped me up.
legion1a 64 months ago
11 out of 11. The only one that I had to guess at was the name of the theme song. I guessed right.
jerischopp 64 months ago
Got 11/11. A very easy quiz - if you're a Perry Mason fan !
Joseph 64 months ago
10/11. The first question was kind of tricky. He did lose a few cases, but none on camera.
MrBill 64 months ago
11/11; easy one for me - I am a big Perry Mason fan.
Dasnake 64 months ago
Darn, every book started the case of but i thought there might be a curve here, wrongo, 10 right.
FrankCollins 64 months ago
The quiz named two of the people who subbed for burr while he was injured. but they left out others, such as walter pidgeon, hugh o'brian (wyatt earp) and others.
TimothyStiles 64 months ago
10/11 WAIT... I know Raymond Burr and William Hopper both auditioned for the roles of Perry and Paul Drake but I didn't know Burr auditioned for the role of Hamilton Burger. What else did he audition for...Dela? ...Gertie? ...Tragg???
FrankCollins TimothyStiles 64 months ago
originally, william talman, who ended up as hamilton burger, was going to be mason, and burr was going to be burger. But Erle Stanley Gardner himself, who wrote all the mason books, said that burr should be mason.
This is the only one I missed
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