Can you name this guest star on 'The Hulk'?

Many famous faces appeared on the 1970s superhero series. We show you some celebs, you name them!

It doesn't take a super genius like David Banner to answer these questions, only a deep love of classic television.

Several guest actors appeared on The Incredible Hulk between 1978 and 1982, former stars of 1960s spy series and sci-fi, and soon-to-be rock idols and sitcom aces.

With the Hulk smashing his way onto our Super Sci-Fi Saturday Night lineup at 7PM | 6C, we had to ask: Can you name these guest stars?
  1. Hint: It's not KISS.
  2. Happy days were still to come for Arnold.
  3. The spy guy on the left had a cool theme.
  4. A familiar space face.
  5. Laughs were still to come for this 1980s sitcom actress.
  6. Even the Hulk could not resist this bombshell.
  7. The hits were yet to come for this singer.
  8. He always had a great 'stache.
  9. He might be more recognizable with his 'stache.
  10. Has she always been a brunette?
Can you name this guest star on 'The Hulk'?

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