Can you name this classic sci-fi show by a single frame?

See how well you know your vintage science-fiction television.

Science-fiction is filled with worlds of wonder and mystery. With special effect, awesome spaceships and cool costumes, the genre television of the past was a sight to behold. A single frame alone can capture the imagination.

Test your knowledge of sci-fi history and see if you can spot these classic series.


  1. Mmm… space food.
  2. Two heads are better than one.
  3. Home, Sweet Saucer.
  4. A whale of a good series.
  5. Watch your step.
  6. Don't look down.
  7. Know this host?
    Image: CBS Television Distribution
  8. Every kid wanted to fly one.
    Image: CBSUniversal Television
  9. Still beaming.
    Image: CBS
  10. Close encounters and super powers.
    Image: New Video
  11. Made in Britain, adored around the world — and off world?
    Image: ITV Studios
  12. Do not adjust your television sets. It is merely the opening credits.
    Image: United Artists Television
Can you name this classic sci-fi show by a single frame?

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