Can you name these villains from 'Star Trek: The Original Series'?

Play the ultimate Khan game.

Kirk and Spock are the ultimate sci-fi heroes. Of course, the greatest good guys need some brilliant adversaries. Certainly, Star Trek: The Original Series delivered there. 

All sorts of colorful baddies — both humanoid and alien — turned up in those 79 classic episodes. We captured 13 of our favorites. If you can name 9 or more, consider yourself a true Trekker. Or Trekkie. Whatever you'd like.

Good luck!

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  1. Not a guy you want to be stuck with on a desert planet.
  2. Everyone knows Khan. But what is his full name?
  3. Okay, how about Mudd's full name?
  4. "The Corbomite Maneuver" proved that bad guys can come in small packages. What was his name?
  5. She stole Spock's brain in "Spock's Brain."
  6. He was all ears in "The Way to Eden."
  7. This "retired general" dressed like a king in "The Squire of Gothos."
  8. These two adversaries in "Let That Be Your Last Battlefield" were like yin and yang.
  9. This alien teamed Kirk and Spock with Abe Lincoln in "The Savage Curtain."
  10. He was an Orion posing as an Andorian in "Journey to Babel."
  11. This glowing apparition is a menace in "And the Children Shall Lead."
  12. He declared himself Master of the Universe in "Whom Gods Destroy."
  13. Lee Meriwether played this defensive projection from a computer in "That Which Survives."

Can you name these villains from 'Star Trek: The Original Series'?

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ndebrabant 63 months ago
You got 13 out of 13
If this was "Operation: Annihilation," well, you certainly would have annihilated them all! You're ready for Starfleet Academy.
Jayme ndebrabant 63 months ago
Sorry to hear that. Getting a life is way much better.
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