Can you name these stars on the cover of TV Guide in 1974?

One catch: everyone is illustrated.

This quiz will test two things, really — how well you know your 1970s pop culture, for starters. Then, it's also kind of an assessment of how well TV Guide magazine illustrators captured their subjects.

The covers of TV Guide in 1974 often featured colorful artwork. We dug through the awesome TV Guide Cover Archive for some of our favorites. 

See if you can I.D. these TV celebs!
  1. This hit series made the cover twice in 1974.
  2. Who was "bowing out" after 23 years?
  3. Who is this '74 TV celebrity?
  4. Name this sitcom from 1974.
  5. Which show is depicted on this cover from January 26, 1974?
  6. Which sci-fi show is being promoted with this cover?
  7. The number might give you a clue.
  8. This screen legend was starring in a series called 'Hawkins.'
  9. On which show could you find these two fellers?
  10. Recognize this redhead? It helps if you know who would be wearing that bonnet below her.
  11. You probably recognize the sitcom character on the left. So, who's "The Boss"?
  12. He was an anchorman for NBC Nightly News in 1974.

Can you name these stars on the cover of TV Guide in 1974?

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Scangus 14 months ago
12 of 12. Unlike 1 Adam 12.
Jon 17 months ago
The June 1 issue where Cher was shown here on the cover was the first issue of this magazine to have a price of 20 cents after costing just 15 cents/issue for its first 20+ years. The price went up to 25 cents with the Fall Preview on Sept. 7, and I'm not sure how high it is now.
Snickers 32 months ago
11 out of 12. I don't think they even print T.V Guide anymore .
Runeshaper 56 months ago
9 out of 12
Happy days are here again! You nailed it!

Last 3 tripped me off
Rickey 57 months ago
12 out of 12
Happy days are here again! You nailed it!
M 64 months ago
Dario 64 months ago
I certainly remember the cover Lucille Ball cover from the spring of 1974. I was roughly two months away from turning 5 and a half years old(Sunday, June 30, 1974). 😁📺
Lacey 64 months ago
12/12 I really DID have a stinted childhood.
Scangus Lacey 14 months ago
Lacey, to me you look like a 12 out of 10.... nice.
SheriHeffner 64 months ago
11 out of 12. I guessed on number five and got it right, but got the last one wrong. My parents faithfully watched Walter Cronkite on The CBS Evening News ever since I was born until even after Walter left and Dan rather came into it. We watch ABC World News now. We switched to ABC thirty years ago.
Joseph 64 months ago
10/12. #6 doesn't look like Lee Majors, and #10 looks more Carol Burnett, to my eyes anyway.
BrendaGast Joseph 64 months ago
One of the reasons Vicki Lawrence was hired was her resemblance to Carol Burnett.
Vrinda 64 months ago
11/12. It was 7 years before I was born, yet I got most of them. I doubt if they showed me TV Guide covers from the past year, that I would recognize any of them.
Allison 64 months ago
12/12 too easy
Scangus Allison 14 months ago
I know. The only challenge was the boss in the All in the Family cover.

Or were you talking about you and your friends? Hey! A guy can dream can't he?
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