Can you guess these movies from wintery details in the poster?

Let's chill for a bit.

Staying in and watching movies can be a great way to pass the time between fall and spring, if winter's really not your thing. Much better to experience the freezing cold second-hand through movies set during winter, right?

We think so! So we've got a range of wintery details below we pulled from some of the coolest movies we watched from the 1960s to the 1990s. See if you can see through your chattering teeth to I.D. at least 8/10. Good luck!
  1. The coat and gloves were a necessity in this sci-fi mystery set in Antarctica:
  2. The quirky sweetheart in this Seventies rom-com wore lots of layers in its famous poster:
  3. The villain in this animated Disney movie was kind of obsessed with coats:
  4. It's a summery scene, so the snowy peaks in the background stood out on this movie's poster:
  5. The mountains were much more dismal in this Stephen King thriller from the 1990s:
  6. Arguably the most wintery movies of the 1990s was this film, which featured a needlepoint murder scene on its poster:
  7. The beanie on this poster became even more iconic when this movie became the second ever to win all 5 major Oscar awards:
  8. Fans of SCTV watched these brewery workers get their own feature film in the 1980s:
  9. The kid that starred in this creepy movie wore a distinct winter hat and had a devilish reason for always being cold:
  10. A blizzard causes hijinx for a pair of travelers in this 1980s movie:
Can you guess these movies from wintery details in the poster?

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SheriHeffner 6 months ago
I got 10 out of 10. I read that the boy that played Damien, Harvey Stevens had to have his naturally blond hair dyed black.
UTZAAKE 6 months ago
9/10. Incorrect on the first one, so I was eliminated before it started.
JeffTanner 6 months ago
I got 8 out of 10 -------I missed #1 and #9.
EllisClevenger 6 months ago
You got 9 out of 10
Cool! You cruised right through that cold front!
Missed #5.
cperrynaples 6 months ago
10/10! So "wipe that fudgey smile off your fudgey face"! BTW, where was "A Christmas Story"?
pw 6 months ago
Only missed #2. What was the answer? I guessed Manhattan.
DawnGraham pw 6 months ago
Annie Hall
pw DawnGraham 6 months ago
The Goodbye Girl was the only one that I even partially watched, so I knew it wasn't that one.
Kirsten 6 months ago

You got 10 out of 10
Cool! You cruised right through that cold front!
nerakr 6 months ago
9/10. Not bad considering I've only seen three of them.
teire 6 months ago
9/10, did not warm me up at all.
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