Can you name all these Sixties stars in Matlock?

The courtroom drama welcomed many of Andy Griffith’s TV colleagues from two decades before.


With a Sixties icon like Andy Griffith as its star, Matlock was bound to make at least a few Mayberry and other classic references. It helped that Griffith invited many former costars and fellow TV greats onto his program.

Here are 13 Matlock actors who first started in the Sixties or before. Can you name them all?

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  1. Who is this iconic sitcom star?
  2. She made a cameo as herself in one Matlock episode.
  3. Who is this TV star?
  4. Do you recognize this former child star?
  5. Do you know this Mayberry actor?
  6. Who is this prolific actor?
  7. Who is this Sixties athlete?
  8. She reunited with Andy Griffith many times in Matlock.
  9. Do you recognize the famous comedian behind bars?
  10. You may know his voice, but do you know his face?
  11. Who is this former Western star?
  12. This famous Junior was in a Sixties music group.
  13. She had memorable roles in everything from Star Trek to McCloud.

Can you name all these Sixties stars in Matlock?

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Katch 19 months ago
13/13 Can't name the stars of today.....but know them all from way back when!! :)
frances3agape 19 months ago
I was so PROUD of myself for getting 12 of 13 (missed last one guessing name but knew the face)
saw all the perfect and other 12/13 scores!
?? Robert Culp was a Western star ??
I first know him in I SPY, then on 4 COLUMBOs, finally on EVERYBODY LOVES RAY
Susan00100 21 months ago
My favorite character on this show was Julie March.
It's a pity her romance with Matlock didn't go further than it did.
Pacificsun Susan00100 19 months ago
Julie March. Or Julie Sommers.
CouchPotato987 21 months ago
12 out of 13! I Guess watching Matlock all those years as a kid with my dad paid off. Lol
Blondie7 23 months ago
13/13 Couldn't recognize Milton Ber;e from the picture but remembered the episode.
chim3341 23 months ago
13/13. Man, I watch Matlock too much!
DominicMarks 25 months ago
I think these quizzes show that a lot of us watched way to much TV in our youth. But I guess getting 10/10 wasn't time wasted. LOL
Pacificsun DominicMarks 19 months ago
Except it was a quiz where 13/13 earned a perfect score.

Maybe a little brush up on math instead? 😉
OlgaBagley 25 months ago
😗 The Andy Griffith Show Reunited on Andy& Barn& Thelma Lou & Helen Together again
Kenner 25 months ago
13/13. Pretty easy. #13 gave me trouble. Lol #1 was funny.
Martanrick1975 26 months ago
12/13 Was this quiz fruitful? Yes! But missed #7 don’t know my 60’s athletes. 🙄😊
leebillyold 26 months ago
Susan00100 leebillyold 21 months ago
Hasn't this "Christmas in July" gimmick been done to death already??
Pacificsun Susan00100 19 months ago
Hallmark started that!
BigE 26 months ago
13/13 - Guessed on the last one.
Debbie BigE 26 months ago
Same here. The rest were a cinch
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