Can you name these cover stars on early issues of Rolling Stone magazine?

Can you spot the difference between Stones and Doors?

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As Dr. Hook & The Medicine Show once sang, "Is the thrill that'll getcha / When you get your picture / On the cover of the Rolling Stone."

That hit song did the trick, as Dr. Hook & The Medicine Show indeed appeared on the front of the music magazine in March 1973. By that time, the rock 'n' roll rag was half a decade old and already an institution. In its early years, Jann Wenner's magazines featured many hot musicians of the era. 

Here are some early covers of Rolling Stone released between 1968 and 1970. Can you name the musicians?
  1.  Image: Rolling Stone
  2.  Image: Rolling Stone
  3.  Image: Rolling Stone
  4.  Image: Rolling Stone
  5.  Image: Rolling Stone
  6.  Image: Rolling Stone
  7.  Image: Rolling Stone
  8.  Image: Rolling Stone
  9.  Image: Rolling Stone
  10.  Image: Rolling Stone
  11.  Image: Rolling Stone

Can you name these cover stars on early issues of Rolling Stone magazine?

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Antenna2 6 months ago
4 of 11. Not my can of corn. Most of them dead by drugs or alcohol. Something to consider.
CaroleThorpe 6 months ago
You got 11 out of 11!
You are a true rock 'n' roll star.
DK 18 months ago
7/11. I've never heard of several of them.
Ready2go 26 months ago
9 of 11. How many remembered the MC 5?
dmirarh 27 months ago
You got 10 out of 11!, Missed the first one, not a big dead fan.
FLETCH 27 months ago
10 out of 11! Dang, only missed #8
Michael 27 months ago
There really was a "Win a date with Pig Pen", vocalist and keyboardist of the Grateful Dead, #1. I can't remember where I saw it. He doesn'tseem to be named after the Charlie Brown character. Hedated Janis Joplin, I think briefly.
Filmnoirfan 27 months ago
9/11 - some of them may have departed too soon but a lot of their great music lives on
RichLorn 27 months ago
Not my fault. We only had a subscription to Better Homes and Gardens.
PulsarStargrave 27 months ago
I BOMBED! I'm not into many of these performers while others look differently in these shots!
jimmyvici 27 months ago
6/11….I thought it was Joe Dirt at #5!
MrBill 27 months ago
5/11; never heard of some of these and had to guess a lot.
Moverfan 27 months ago
9/11--in fact, I missed 9 and 11. Wouldn't know any of the members of Iron Butterfly by sight, but I did recall the story I heard about In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida. It was supposed to be "in the Garden of Eden", but the lead singer was supposedly too bloody high to pronounce it correctly (funny, he didn't have a problem with the rest of the song...).
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