Can you name the TV show by the letter V in its title?

You must be very vigorously vigilant to be victorious on this V quiz!

Many TV title designs reflect the genre and tone of the show. Westerns often use fonts taken right from frontier signs and storefronts while sci-fi shows like Lost in Space have letters fit for floating among the stars.

We’ve collected 10 classic shows that all have the letter V somewhere in the name. With the rest of the image smudged out, can you guess what show each V belongs to?

  1. What is this V from?
  2. This cursive V is from...
  3. What is this blue V from?
  4. This Old West V is from...
  5. Which sitcom is this V from?
  6. Do you recognize this V?
  7. Which Western is this V from?
  8. What is this V from?
  9. Do you recognize this V?
  10. Do you know this V?

Can you name the TV show by the letter V in its title?

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MalachiCrunch 17 months ago
Perfect 10 for 10!
First ever on this site!
GregOden 21 months ago
5/10 but Joe says I got 10/5
RichLorn 21 months ago
Whew! For a minute I had a flashback to my college kegger party trying to find the door to the laVatory.
AnnieM 21 months ago
10/10! I've always been a credits reader, so maybe that's why.
Martanrick1975 21 months ago
5/10 Got 1/2 right. I should of gotten #7 correct “The Big Valley” is one of my favorite Westerns along with The Rifleman. Forgive me Victoria Barkley! 😑🙄😂
Loved actress Barbara Stanwyk! ❤️
Moverfan 21 months ago
7/10. I don't remember the Love Boat title graphic being purple...
scp 21 months ago
9 out of 10. I knew I should have gone with my first impulse on the one.
Martanrick1975 scp 21 months ago
I have done that before. Usually it’s the first one that comes to mind that’s correct. 🤔😊
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