Can you name these celebrity guest stars who appeared in costume on classic TV shows?

Go ahead and try not to be fooled by these wild disguises.

We're used to seeing celebrity guest stars pop up in our favorite classic TV shows. But what about those rare moments when the costumes are so good, you barely register the actor beneath the character?

Here, we've pulled together some of the strangest celebrity guest appearances in shows like The Love Boat, Star Trek and Gilligan's Island to see if you can recognize the famous faces beneath these disguises. 

Some may be easy, while others may have you squinting desperately at the screen. Think there's no fooling you when it comes to spotting major stars? Take the quiz below and prove it.

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  1. This mustachioed singer morphed into a heavy rocker on 'The Love Boat':
  2. 'Wonder Woman' turned this do-gooder TV dad into a deadly thief:
  3. This jungle boy from 'Gilligan's Island' grew up to make a couple daring movie escapes:
  4. This famous TV villain popped up in the 'Star Trek' universe with a purr-ty different signature hairpiece:
  5. Identify the popular Western character actor beneath that bushy beard on 'The Twilight Zone':
  6. Name this actor known for accepting offbeat roles who appeared as a hermit on 'The Love Boat':
  7. On 'Star Trek' we saw a different side to this towering TV star:
  8. Which 1970s pop singer got this intense makeover on 'Wonder Woman'?
  9. This dynamic actor is perhaps best-known for playing a famous vampire, but appeared in 'The Twilight Zone' all cowboyed up:
  10. This TV child star popped up as a pint-sized commander in an episode of 'Star Trek':
Can you name these celebrity guest stars who appeared in costume on classic TV shows?

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