Can you name these awesome 1980s cartoons by a single frame?

"Might solve a mystery — or rewrite history."

We watched them on Saturday morning, we binged them after school. Cartoons in the '80s were a colorful bunch. Sure, there was a ton of product tie-ins, from Rubik, The Amazing Cube and The Adventures of Teddy Ruxpin to The Karate Kid and Beetlejuice. Cartoons wanted us to buy toys, cereal and video games, and frankly we were okay with that. What else does a kid need?

Below you will see single frames taken from the opening credits of 15 beloved animated shows in the 1980s. All you have to do is name them.
  1. This feline was not always such a scaredy cat.
    Image: NBC Universal Television Distribution
  2. How about this one?
    Image: Warner Bros.
  3. This theme song would be stuck in your head for days, if not years.
    Image: Disney–ABC Domestic Television
  4. Recognize this little guy?
    Image: Disney–ABC Domestic Television
  5. A memorable villain makes a show.
    Image: Warner Bros.
  6. This car transformed, but it was not a Transformer.
    Image: DHX Media
  7. Oh, what were these creatures called?
    Image: Warner Bros.
  8. The cartoon rocked.
    Image: Disney–ABC Domestic Television
  9. Though this one was a little more rock 'n' roll.
    Image: Claster Television
  10. This one made you really want to buy the toys.
    Image: Hasbro Studios
  11. He didn't always look like this.
    Image: Lionsgate Home Entertainment
  12. Did she look like this in the movie?
    Image: Sony Pictures Television
  13. Who's coming around the corner?
    Image: DiC Entertainment
  14. Where could you find Cooler?
    Image: Warner Bros.
  15. No, this is not 'Star Trek: The Animated Series.'
    Image: Lionsgate Home Entertainment
Can you name these awesome 1980s cartoons by a single frame?

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