Can you name these 1970s animated movies from a single frame?

How finely tooned is your memory?

The Seventies were an underrated decade for animated features. Even the Disney flicks from the era remain underrated. Elsewhere, you had spectacular fantasy stories — and no CGI, of course.

We're going to show you 11 screenshots from 1970s cartoon films. If you can name eight or more, you are tooned in!
  1. This was Disney's first animated feature of the decade.
     Image: The Everett Collection
  2. This animal tale might have been a little dark for young kids.
     Image: The Everett Collection
  3. A fantasy classic, brought to life.
     Image: The Everett Collection
  4. This beloved children's book became a hit movie in 1973.
     Image: The Everett Collection
  5. Disney turned this classic piece of literature into one of its gems.
     Image: The Everett Collection
  6. Disney delivered this tale of "mystery, fun, intrigue" in 1977.
     Image: The Everett Collection
  7. This 1971 Disney flick fused animation and live action.
     Image: The Everett Collection
  8. Disney combined three older Pooh shorts to make this 1977 film. What was it called?
     Image: The Everett Collection
  9. This 1972 Peanuts movie marked the screen debut of Woodstock.
     Image: The Everett Collection
  10. Cult favorite Ralph Bakshi crafted this "epic fantasy of peace and magic."
     Image: The Everett Collection
  11. This arty, surreal sci-fi spectacular won the Special Prize at the 1973 Cannes Film Festival.
     Image: The Everett Collection

Can you name these 1970s animated movies from a single frame?

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JuneMiller 9 months ago
"Wizards" & "Fantastic Planet" - two of my favs!!!! Definitely on my "Must show the kids (and eventually grandkids)" list.
Amalthea JuneMiller 1 month ago
My daughters loved "Fantastic Planet" when I shared it with them.
scp 21 months ago
11 out of 11. I wish I could find the dubbed version of Fantastic Planet (HBO Max has the original French version with subtitles).
JuneMiller scp 9 months ago;_ylt=AwrFRsdJZPNkCigogWMPxQt.;_ylu=Y29sbwNiZjEEcG9zAzEEdnRpZAMEc2VjA3BpdnM-?p=fantastic+planet+movie&type=YHS_SW_60490_%2460490_000000%24¶m1=na3P9yVrJGqvPvD9iMqHQhrqJttXvrmKBo5usSwcKR8a0s4hXvD97WodrFFtt0Nt0ipgAL8ZBFWSzTbJOPzJ6G1MSIUp545GOzLLtrbNPv_txN4hsiQhJcsQ10ztBXulVJ5AvPPGZRGPlVs-ULoVWBTZbuv2bimL0Te1oxhERSEoJaorJqZ1b_wUV0wyMZdxbUk_lTLNaMFFx89Jr09GRVl88jAxuH25ciqrc4nyfwRqaM3xt13P-cXqCIA6unMf86ABOVgyIQJ3luK429NTyBabEY1B1ZvQ9KUAgAmWyVwrv0Z9QNtMNOIrefUxsSByibxVZ3tRxkJS&hsimp=yhs-SF3&hspart=Lkry&ei=UTF-8&fr2=piv-web&fr=yhs-Lkry-SF3
Pastorgman 22 months ago
11/11! Definitely ’Tooned In’!
vinman63 22 months ago
I got 9 didn't see any of them. I went by hunches.
Mob39 23 months ago
You got 7 out of 11 - The 4 I got wrong, I never heard of before?!?
Lillyrose 23 months ago
5 out of 11. Mostly just guesses. The only animated movie on the list that I saw is "Snoopy, Come Home."
geatornez82 23 months ago
10/11. I missed Number 3, probably because I've never seen it. Then again, I've never seen Numbers 2 or 10, either, and I knew what they were!
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