Can you name the top ten shows from 1960-1961?

You may remember watching them, but do you remember their rank?

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The Nielsen rating is an audience measurement system of television viewership, and it's been around for a long time.

In the '90s, they began tracking computer, internet and video game usage through telephone surveys. Yet before then, their focus was solely tallying up what audiences were watching the most on television and what networks they were on.

Remember how the '60s decade was full of hilarious and legendary television content? Let's see if you can guess the top ten productions from the 1960-1961 season. Good luck!

Note: Nielsen ratings include a variety of shows, from sitcoms to game shows and more. And there's a trick question in this quiz!

  1. Which show snagged the number one spot?
  2. Which show was the runner-up?
  3. Which show came in third?
  4. Which show came in fourth?
  5. Which show came in fifth?
  6. Which show came in sixth?
  7. Which show came in seventh?
  8. Which show came in eighth?
  9. Which show came in ninth?
  10. Which show snagged the last spot in the top ten?

Can you name the top ten shows from 1960-1961?

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