Can you name the actor's favorite episode of their own classic television series?

Can you guess your favorite's favorites?

If you've got a favorite classic television show, you most likely also have a favorite episode. But what about the cast members who spent years with the series? It's time to test your television knowledge and guess which episode is one of the actor's favorite.

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  1. What is one of Tony Dow's favorite episodes of Leave It To Beaver?
  2. What is one of Rod Serling's favorite episodes of The Twilight Zone
  3. What is one of Ron Howard's favorite episodes of The Andy Griffith Show?
  4. What was one of Lucille Ball's favorite episodes of I Love Lucy?
  5. What is one of William Shatner's favorite episodes of Star Trek: The Original Series?
  6. What is one of Adam West's favorite episodes of Batman?
  7. What is one of Susan Olsen's favorite episodes of The Brady Bunch?
  8. What is one of Carol Burnett's favorite sketches on The Carol Burnett Show?
  9. What is one of Bob Denver's favorite episodes of Gilligan's Island?

Can you name the actor's favorite episode of their own classic television series?

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MarcD 11 days ago
3/9 I wasn’t too optimistic I’d know any of the answers.
Ready2go 12 days ago
4/10. Never heard of the Turtleman episode of LITB.
seaeagle Ready2go 12 days ago
I haven't either and couldn't find it listed on IMDB. Hmmmmm . . .
DW 12 days ago
4 out of 10 but did better the second time I tried it. 😊
soonersjlg DW 11 days ago
Well I would hope you would do better the 2nd time around since you knew the answers. Lol...
TSeym22 12 days ago
6/10 What was great is that Shatner's favorite Star Trek episode is also mine!
Pacificsun TSeym22 12 days ago
Perhaps because Fans know the inside story behind it.
Dysall 12 days ago
4/10. Try again. I got the last 4 right.
CaptainDunsel 13 days ago
Somewhat surprising that "The Devil in the Dark" would be one of Shatner's favorite Trek episodes. IIRC, his father passed away while he was filming that one.
Yes, but the backstories also explain how the cast and crew was very much behind him. With sympathy and accommodation. He was said to have interrupted filming midway through the shoot. But only he could discern the break. LN was also very thoughtful. No doubt expediting the takes.
frenchman71 13 days ago
4/10. Not good at all. I have a point of order for ques. #6. I own all the LITB seasons and there is no episode titled "It is I, Turtleman". The other 2 choices are titles but not Turtleman. And I'm glad Rod Serling's favorite was "Walking Distance". It's mine, too.
Wendy57 14 days ago
I never do well on the quizzes that rely on my memory of episode names.
Muleskinner 14 days ago
3/10. All guesses. 🤷‍♂️
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