Are these judges from Perry Mason or Matlock?

We made them all black and white – can you tell them apart?

Perry Mason set the stage for the countless courtroom dramas that have come after it. Though it was often imitated, starting while it was still on the air in the Sixties, few shows have the same winning blend of drama and wit.

One legal series clearly inspired by Raymond Burr’s classic but still able to take it in a new direction was Andy Griffith’s popular Eighties and Nineties show Matlock.

Both featured charismatic defense attorney’s and recurring character actors who returned many times to play judges presiding over the drama.

If each judge was in black and white, could you tell which ones are from Perry Mason and which ones from Matlock? Try your luck below!

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  1. What is this recognizable judge from?
  2. This judge is known for his work with iconic comedians. What is he from?
  3. What show is Judge Clagett from?
  4. She presided over the court in multiple episodes of which show?
  5. The creator of the title character made a cameo as a judge in which show's final episode?
  6. Do you know which show this judge is from?
  7. What show is this judge from?
  8. What about this judge?
  9. Which defense attorney did this judge face?
  10. Can you place this judge in the right show?
  11. Which show is this judge from?
  12. This judge is from...

Are these judges from Perry Mason or Matlock?

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TinaMarieHaddadRhodes 2 months ago
12/12 it was fun trying to picture which show they were on….
Nala92129 5 months ago
Love my Perry Mason, but just can't make friends with Matlock.
Pt5p 8 months ago
I watch Matlock and Perry Mason everyday.
shannonb 9 months ago
8/12 Not too bad since I did not watch Matlock. On those other hand, it was piss-poor since I'm a Perry Mason junkie.
VanHalen 9 months ago
10 / 12 - Cannot stand "Padlock" or Andy himself. I met him and he was as "phoney" as they make 'em.
Nala92129 VanHalen 5 months ago
Tell us more!
Dajj 9 months ago
8/12, lucky I got that many!
FLETCH 10 months ago
12 out of 12 ...easy pezee. Sorry, you can't fake black and white film, it's too obvious
Jamesatkinson 10 months ago
11 of 12 : here come the judge, here come the judge. 😁
RichLorn 10 months ago
Right, right, right, right, right, right, right, right, right, right, wrong, right.
Filmnoirfan RichLorn 9 months ago
Missed #11 would have sufficed
TSeym22 10 months ago
10/12 It was easy when you could spot the microphone.
MikefromJersey TSeym22 9 months ago
Sharp insight, Tseym22. I went by the character actors playing the judges, I knew all
but the two I missed. Not by name, rather their faces from such as the Three Stooges.
MichaelNivens 10 months ago
I never knew Matlock was ever In black and white - kinda threw me
TSeym22 MichaelNivens 10 months ago
It wasn't. They just made the pictures b&w for this quiz.
alspencer 10 months ago
a personal fave show of mine. diverse in every way and didn't shy away from highlighting societies overt and covert flaws and biases. he saw potential for betterment in the ne'r-do-well teen, the alcoholic dad and the cynical well-to-do. he respected his employees, clients and other "justice league" associates even when they opposed each other. wish life would imitate this art. PM is what led me to subscribe to paramount+which has all 9 seasons to view when the thought tickles my fancy 😁
retrodfw 10 months ago
Only #11 stumped me.

I've seen much more of Matlock (very little of Perry Mason). I'm ashamed to admit, a used a combination of stereotyping and their fashion to make my choice, aside from 2 of the Matlock judges.

I assumed there weren't many black or female judges in the 1950s and early 1960s (thus how I got #11 wrong). Meanwhile, those horn-rimmed glasses some of the judges had on are very much 50s/60s fashion.
KJExpress retrodfw 10 months ago
Regarding #11, I think she was the only female judge on "Perry Mason," so your logic wasn't too far off. 👩‍⚖
Filmnoirfan KJExpress 9 months ago
Lillian Bronson was, indeed, the only female judge on Perry Mason
Nala92129 Filmnoirfan 5 months ago
I loved Lillian Bronson and Morris Ankrum, my 2 favorite judges on Perry Mason.
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