Can you name all these No. 1 albums from 1974?

Time to go digging in the crates for some greats. More than 20 different albums went to No. 1 on the Billboard charts in 1974. There was a lot of success to go around! (By comparison, only five different albums topped the Billboard 200 in 1984.) 

Music was rich and diverse, as folk, soul, pop and rock rocketed to the top. 

Let's see if you can identify these best-selling records from that year. If it helps, the musicians are on most of the covers.
  1. Her album 'The Way We Were' was No. 1 for two weeks in March.
     Image: Columbia Records
  2. The Rolling Stones hit No. 1 around Thanksgiving with this album, named after one of their biggest hits of the decade.
     Image: Rolling Stones Records
  3. This former Beatle invited some celebrity friends to pose on the cover, which popped up at No. 1 a few times throughout the year.
     Image: MPL / Capitol Records
  4. This former Beatle drew the artwork for his No. 1 album, 'Walls and Bridges.'
     Image: Apple / Capitol Records
  5. His 'Fullfillingness' First Finale' sat at No. 1 for two weeks in September.
     Image: Motown Records
  6. This soul crooner went to No. 1 in October with 'Can't Get Enough.'
     Image: 20th Century Records / Universal
  7. She hit No. 1 on October 12 with her album 'If You Love Me Let Me Know.'
     Image: MCA Records
  8. Who released this No. 1 album, titled 'Caribou'?
     Image: Mercury Records
  9. He posed outside '461 Ocean Boulevard' for this No. 1.
     Image: RSO / Polydor Records
  10. It was no 'Tapestry,' but her 'Wrap Around Joy' went No. 1 on November 9.
     Image: Ode / Epic Records
  11. He posed with friends both human and furry on the cover of 'Back Home Again,' No. 1 on the charts the week of August 10.
     Image: RCA Records
  12. His album 'You Don't Mess Around With Jim' parked at No. 1 for five weeks, as much as any album in 1974. Jim who?
     Image: ABC Records
  13. His 'Sundown' rose to No. 1 for two weeks in August.
     Image: Reprise Records
  14. BTO's 'Not Fragile' went to No. 1 in mid-October. "BTO" stands for what?
     Image: Mercury Records
  15. This musician drew the cover to his No. 1 album 'Planet Waves' himself.
     Image: Columbia Records

Can you name all these No. 1 albums from 1974?

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Tammy 47 months ago
You got 15 out of 15
Strut your stuff! You know your 1970s pop history!
Amalthea 59 months ago
14/15; only missed the last one. Most of the others were so easy because the artist's picture was on them! What was really funny was, when I saw the "Band On the Run" picture, the song was actually playing here.
Siglund 67 months ago
I missed Lennon, but then the page reloaded and I got all of them right! Sweet!
Brownthunder 67 months ago
9 out 15, not bad for guessing all but two of them
Terrence 67 months ago
I was on a roll after Question #4..........................11/15
70s80stvfan 67 months ago
Ex-Beatles questions tripped me up. Was never into the Beatles music. Stax Records was my focus.
Greg 67 months ago
14/15 Over though 4 first instinct was John but thought the drawing on bottom looked like George.
Lacey 67 months ago
13/15 - I can't believe I missed Carole King.
Terrence Lacey 67 months ago
Ha, I got that one!
thedude1500 67 months ago
Cupcake. And to think, I was just 12 to 13 at the time.
anthony 67 months ago
14/15 Got Gordon Lightfoot wrong.
Lacey anthony 67 months ago
"Sundown" !!??!!??
Ya, I see your point.
Jeffrey 67 months ago
You got 14 out of 15 --------Strut your stuff! You know your 1970's pop history! I got #9 wrong, I said it was Joe Cocker, when it was Eric Clapton instead.
Lacey Jeffrey 67 months ago
I said #4 was George. It just looked like George.
MrHaney 67 months ago
14/15 - missed Barry White, thought it was Marvin. Such great memories of the record store!!
Allison 67 months ago
8/15 oh well - i was a kid in 1974
MrBill 67 months ago
9/15; I did not start listening to music till the mid 70's when other kids played it for us. My parents had only a large AM radio. I know individual songs more than albums but did not do to bad on the quiz.
jamesreyes65549 67 months ago
I know some of the albums from that year but one.
Barry22 67 months ago
15/15, had most of these albums. Gordon Lightfoot had a #1 album? Would pay money to see BTO, (Buckingham, Tenille and Osmond) Taking care of Business.
BrittReid 67 months ago
Good quiz..It's Only Rock and Roll But I like It...........
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