Can you name all these celebrity guest stars on My Three Sons?

Do you recognize these famous faces?

My Three Sons aired for 12 seasons, first on ABC then on CBS. It ran throughout the 1960s and into the early '70s, which means it featured all kinds of recognizable guest actors. The show welcomed TV stars from the time and young actors destined for stardom.

Here are ten celebrities as they appeared on My Three Sons. Can you name them all?

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  1. Which Brady Bunch cast member is this?
  2. Do you know this famous film star?
  3. Do you know this classic TV actor?
  4. Who is this with Fred MacMurray?
  5. Do you recognize the future movie star on the right?
  6. Who is this 1970s child star?
  7. Speaking of child stars, this actor was all grown up on My Three Sons. Who is it?
  8. Do you recognize this actor?
  9. Which Waltons actor is this?
  10. Do you recognize this future sitcom star?

Can you name all these celebrity guest stars on My Three Sons?

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Snickers 2 months ago
10 out of 10. Not a big fan of the show but I did know the guest stars.
L 2 months ago
Perfect score. Showing my age.

Check out the recent commercial for Revitive with Jerry Mathers! STILL looks like The Beaver.
Mymylynn 3 months ago
I should have paid attention to the questions and I would scored 100%
Dajj 3 months ago
9/10 I missed the first one - I guessed Eve Plumb - geesh!!!
SashaPayneDiaz 3 months ago
10/10.....although I totally dumb-lucked a correct guess on #9 because I never in my life watched a single episode of The Waltons.
L SashaPayneDiaz 2 months ago
Quick! Let me check out your head for holes. There are a couple of episodes I won't watch, (and a couple that aren't broadcast).

My parents' era in the real world (albeit only a couple of years younger than Jim Bob and Elizabeth's age).
TheDavBow3 4 months ago
Yay!! My 3 Sons starts over to season 1 on Aug 5th!! Finally, Mike and Bub again and goodbye to Charley, Ernie and Dodie. Katie will be missed though. Those 1st 5 seasons are soooo much better. Bub, Mike with Robbie and Chip being younger....much more fun to watch. Better, more interesting and funnier story lines. Can't forget about Sudsy, Hank, Marilyn Turnthurston, Jean, Sally, Steve's interesting dates, etc... Enjoy! 😊
Mac2Nite TheDavBow3 4 months ago
Couldn't agree more! The 1st five seasons are the only ones I love to watch! It had HEART in those earlier years.
HeleneNeiman TheDavBow3 3 months ago
I agree with you....couldn't stand it when Chip married Polly ! They looked 12 years old ! Did they have jobs, or were they all supported by Steve ????
TheDavBow3 HeleneNeiman 3 months ago
Haha that is so true. The last season was almost unwatchable.
L TheDavBow3 2 months ago
There should be a debate between Grandfather and Uncle Charlie.
TheDavBow3 L 2 months ago
Bub, to me, is far and away better than Uncle Charley. Bub has a better wit and comic timing. Charley can be too cantankerous even, ever so slightly, mean. I simply smile and laugh more with Bub than Charley. It's just more funny when Bub riles up old ladies and calls the boys (and their friends) by the wrong names like Egbert, Nancy, etc...., more than Charley
Abbadon517 4 months ago
9/10.. dont remember the Asian man. Still quite easy
AlbertHanson Abbadon517 4 months ago
A Trekkie would recognize George Takei as Sulu from Star Trek.
oldmoe51 4 months ago
9 was the only one I had to guess. 10/10
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