Are these real Frankenstein movies or did we make them up?

Did Frankenstein really meet Abbott and Costello, aliens and Jesse James?

Adaptations of Mary Shelley’s gothic novel about Victor Frankenstein and his homemade monster date back to the silent film era but the ghoulish story didn’t truly break out into the mainstream until Boris Karloff’s iconic portrayal in the 1931 Frankenstein.

Since then, the monster has been in broad comedies and weird sci-fi movies as well all manner of horror flicks.

We’ve collected a few titles of real Frankenstein movies that sound too outrageous to be true and mixed them with fake titles we made up. Can you tell the imposter films from the ones that actually exist?

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  1. Abbott and Costello Meet Frankenstein
  2. Frankenstein Goes to Court
  3. I Was a Teenage Frankenstein
  4. Frankenstein for President
  5. The Love of Frankenstein
  6. Frankenstein Conquers the World
  7. Hot Rod Frankenstein
  8. Frankenweenie
  9. Frankenstein Meets the Space Monster
  10. Frankenstein Lives!
  11. Jesse James Meets Frankenstein’s Daughter
  12. Frankenstein and the Time Machine

Are these real Frankenstein movies or did we make them up?

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jpdirisio13 10 months ago
11/12 blew my ace with #10.....d'OH! I hate when that happens.
Pacificsun 15 months ago

Golden Eye w/ Tina Turner
texasluva Pacificsun 15 months ago
Upbeat Tuesdays plus Coming Attractions-

Billy J. Kramer With The Dakotas "Bad To Me" on The Ed Sullivan Show.

Jimmy Gilmer & The Fireballs - Sugar Shack.

The Troggs - Wild Thing.

TONI BASIL - Mickey.

You were all talking about it. All I heard one day is Cliffhanger. Well now it's coming to you this coming weekend.

Cliffhanger (1993).

Key Largo (1948) Humphrey Bogart, Edward G. Robinson, Lauren Bacall, Lionel Barrymore, Claire Trevor ***************
texasluva 15 months ago
Even Charles Bronson would be proud how fast Moody gathered up this Movie quiz. Congrats Moody and now we can all watch.

Death Wish (1974) 1 hr 33 min-Action-Crime-Drama

Director: Michael Winner
Charles Bronson
Hope Lange
Vincent Gardenia
Steven Keats
Stuart Margolin
Jeff Goldblum
Kathleen Tolan

Movie has extreme violence from 1974-not for the faint of heart
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MrsPhilHarris texasluva 14 months ago
Is it Friday already? 😳
texasluva MrsPhilHarris 14 months ago
I am afraid so 😁. You'll have to just bare the thought of it 😏. Though all is not lost. A quiz will appear 😮 before your very eyes.
MrsPhilHarris texasluva 14 months ago
I’ve probably never heard of it. 🤔
texasluva MrsPhilHarris 14 months ago
It's in Turkish and dubbed 🤣
LoveMETV22 15 months ago
Last House on the Left?
texasluva LoveMETV22 15 months ago
Nope that place went to Death Wish by Moody and seconds behind MPH
MrsPhilHarris 15 months ago
Death Wish?
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Ha ha.....It's more interesting then scary 😆. Just these kids with powers. Something gets all the women in this town pregnant while they asleep. Then kids grow up with powers and if you get in their way you've had it 😨. Show some moxie 👸🏻 and Mags 🐶 too 🤣
We'll see...😜
The Mist is really good but way more scarier 😲. Just think. You can make it a double feature and be none the happier 🙈🤣. Just think how good it would be if it was in 3D and you and Mags had those glasses 🕶😃
Not! 😳 Thanks for tryin tho 😜
texasluva 15 months ago
Movie Quiz for 10-29-2021 (MQ-2 bonus movies + special movie-entertainment-WOW!)

We're talking about big time here. Actor made a ton of movies during this period. Most of it was getting revenge for the dirty deeds and crimes committed against him and family. After vacationing with wife things seem to be going in the right direction. Then it happens. His wife murdered, daughter raped viciously. His mind about to explode plus the police have no leads. What does one do in this case. Take matters into ones hands. It's not a pretty sight but someone has to pay. Action-Crime-Drama..

Entertainment Tonight-

Hitchcock Cameos.

Elvis Sings Mean Woman Blues (Full Scene) (HD).

Angels - My Boyfriend's Back.

1995 - James Bond - Goldeneye: title sequence.

North By Northwest - Opening Titles.



Bus Stop- The Hollies - 1966.

Dawn of the Dead (2004) Official Trailer - Sarah Polley, Ty Burrell.

Coming this weekend- E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial 1982 and unknown horror movie.

Bonus Movie #1-

This is one of my favorite Classic movies.

North By Northwest (1959) 2 hr 16 min-Adventure-Mystery-Thriller
Director: Alfred Hitchcock
Cary Grant
Eva Marie Saint
James Mason
Jessie Royce Landis
Leo G. Carroll
Martin Landau

Bonus Movie #2-Special Halloween Scary Movie

Dawn Of The Dead (2004) 1 hr 49 min-Action, Horror
Director: Zack Snyder
Writer: George A. Romero(1978 screenplay)
Sarah Polley
Ving Rhames
Jake Weber
Ty Burrell

Guardians Of The Galaxy Special-

It is hard enough to even find this movie except the pay channels or buying the Disc. Not only that but this movie has grossed 750 million World Wide. Budget was 170 million bucks. Watching this movie I believe it is good for young and old. I got a kick out of it. It has a slew of characters that is for sure. Watch it ASAP since being on IA and coded it will be taken down someday. The Soundtrack is one of the best and brings back memories from those that were around 50+ years ago. Standing firm at a 8.0 on IMDb as a top movie to watch. If you have some youngins around they will appreciate it too. Don't forget there is a vol 2 also. When I find it look in your MeTV box.
Guardians Of The Galaxy - Hooked On A Feeling.


Guardians Of The Galaxy (2014) 2 hrs 1 min-Action-Adventures-Comedy

Director: James Gunn
Cast: Some are voice of characters-
Chris Pratt
Vin Diesel
Bradley Cooper
Zoe Saldana
Dave Bautista
Lee Pace
Michael Rooker
John C. Reilly
Glenn Close
Benicio Del Toro
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texasluva LoveMETV22 15 months ago
Ha ha. I was wondering why you called movies shows. You were talking about the quiz way back when Cliffhangers was mentioned. Sometimes it takes a brain to click
texasluva texasluva 15 months ago
The only two reasons I remembered was when searching for a movie I ran into Cliffhangers and thought of the conversations. Plus I think I mentioned it a week or two ago I was going to post Cliffhangers in the future. I have two log in spots on IA with dozens of movies and items each. I searched the 2nd one and down the list was Cliffhangers. Rang a bell and used that for one of the weekenders.
LoveMETV22 texasluva 15 months ago
Sorry if I typed it confusing. Within that quiz. a few people commented on cliffhangers used in shows. I mentioned Cliffhanger the movie directly. The title of the quiz had show in its title.
Moody texasluva 15 months ago
Love the music clips! Thanks for sharing!
Pacificsun 15 months ago
7:30pm PDT Fri 10-29-21

Welcome everyone! I'm here!!
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texasluva Moody 15 months ago
Weekend movie #2-

Night of the Living Dead (1968) 1 hr 36 min

Director: George A. Romero

Duane Jones-Judith O'Dea-Karl Hardman

Moody LoveMETV22 15 months ago
Cool! I didn't know about this either. Thanks for the tip! 🙂
LoveMETV22 Moody 15 months ago
Hi Moody are you referring to the emoji keyboard. Ther's lots of messages on the page?
Moody LoveMETV22 15 months ago
Yes, I saw your comments to Texasluva & Pacificsun so I tried it. I didn't know it was there so thanks for the tip!
rstuv 15 months ago
12/12. One of my greatest accomplishments!
Mike 15 months ago
10/12 didn't really know 2 of them
RichLorn 15 months ago
T-T-T-Ten o-out o-o-of T-T-Twelve.
jeffreeman63 15 months ago
I thought for sure I had seen a poster for Frankenstein Lives. Guess I was wrong. 11 out of 12.
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