Which Gunsmoke actors played more than one character on the show?

Who appeared as more than one person in Dodge City?

Iconic Western Gunsmoke ran for so long, it’s almost harder to find a Sixties character actor who didn’t show up at one time or another in Dodge City. There were also dozens of future movie and TV stars who appeared on the show.

But did you know that some of the main cast members also guest starred as one-off characters on Gunsmoke? In this quiz, try to guess who only ever played one character and who appeared as a few!

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  1. Did James Arness play more than one character in Gunsmoke?
    Image: The Everett Collection
  2. Did Amanda Blake play any other Gunsmoke characters besides Kitty?
    Image: The Everett Collection
  3. Did Ken Curtis appear in Dodge City as anyone other than Festus?
  4. Did Milburn Stone play more than one character in Gunsmoke?
  5. Did Buck Taylor play any other Gunsmoke characters besides Newly?
  6. Did James Nusser appear in Gunsmoke as more than just Louie Pheeters?
  7. Did Dennis Weaver play anyone else in Dodge City besides Chester?
  8. Did Roger Ewing play any other Gunsmoke characters besides Thad Greenwood?
  9. Did Burt Reynolds ever appear in Dodge City as someone other than Quint?
  10. Dabbs Greer appeared as storekeeper Mr. Jonas but did he play any other Gunsmoke characters?
  11. Did Glenn Strange play any other Gunsmoke characters besides Sam the bartender?
  12. Did Ted Jordan appeared in over 100 episodes as Dodge City resident Nathan Burke. Did he play anyone else in Gunsmoke?

Which Gunsmoke actors played more than one character on the show?

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09rja 1 month ago
Jim Davis appeared about 11 times on the show. (A different character every time if memory serves.)
gmail 1 month ago
There is a special note about Ken Curtis.
Once he appeared for signing at a local store and I was hired to keep crowd control being I was in law enforcement. Ken Curtis dressed up like Festus sitting on a miniature stage coach signing autographs. That Friday I brought along my Father who was a fan. My Father remained off to the side, while the kids gathered his signature.
Mr. Curtis afterwards saw my Father and meandered over to him, striking up a conversation.
It was only for a few minutes, he knew my Father would not approach him. So he made the connection, they talked as if they were old friends. It was a birthday gift, that came out better than I could have imagined.
Sadly, my Father died the next morning of a massive coronary.
The joy Festus [Ken Curtis] made, that day. Not only to my Father, but me! If I can find the picture I'll post.
gmail 1 month ago
To some of you who has made a commitment to a post that I have made, I find the services here are rather incomplete, because when I try to search for it I can't find it! So for some if I failed to respond that's why.
METV explores a cheap system. They didn't spend very much on this system.
gmail 1 month ago
There are many comedians of long past, that many children today will never know. Because for many there interest is in the palm of ther hand a little electronic gizmo.
My favorite is The Three Stooges. Always since childhood to break me out in a belly laugh, no matter how many times I see them. One of there coconspirators was Dudley Dickerson. Black man, who played the cook everything electric had water gushing out. Or in Gem of a Jam, that scared look and another when he was shining shoes on a train, the lion ripping at his behind, yelling "I'm loosing my mind".
All in all, excellent character actors and actresses.
Barrel of laughs
gmail 1 month ago
I would be remiss not to include with Opie's Charity, Mayberry on Record, in the opening Barney investing in a nickel. The Buffalo head facing the wrong way...Andy gig Barney again.
jtrain 1 month ago
Toonhead jtrain 1 month ago
Egad sir such excellence has eluded me! I genuflect in your direction! 🙏👍👏😎
Lighthouse1 1 month ago
Yes however I watch these shows all day
Alangr 1 month ago
12/12 but I guessed on 2 of them. Gunsmoke was my favorite western by far. I liked the “Chester” years the most.
Toonhead Alangr 1 month ago
I’m getting a complex here! Very well done and a genuflection in your direction as well! Sheesh! Are you guys good or what! 👏😎
gmail 1 month ago
Nope nothing in between TAGS
JERRY6 1 month ago
8 made 4 obvious mistakes
Toonhead JERRY6 1 month ago
If misery loves company, welcome to my world! Lol 😂 😎
gmail 1 month ago
I may have missed METV eulogy between shows when an actor or actress passes. I never did see anything for Betty Lynn aka Thelma Lou. Normally a picture, little music.
Toonhead gmail 1 month ago
I saw it in the newsletter on line. I’m with you and they should’ve if they didn’t. R.I.P. Miss Betty Lynn😇
gmail Toonhead 1 month ago
I was pretty sure, Betty Lynn had not been given the 15 seconds tribute as others have. Curious...why not?
Toonhead gmail 1 month ago
A very, very good question! She certainly deserves it! Ok MeTV inquiring minds wanna know! Step up and deliver y’all!😎
Tommy2gs 1 month ago
Favorite show. 12 out of 12. I wish it could have lasted longer than 20 years.
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