Can you match these motorcycles to the right show?

Classic TV featured many iconic two-wheelers.

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Motorcycles are great TV vehicles. They can be imposing, cool or funny.  They started their tenure on television mostly as scramblers for hippies and beatniks but soon became the transport of choice for cops, superheroes and action stars.

Here are some of our favorite TV motorcycles. Can you match each one to the right show?

  1. What show is this purple bike from?
  2. This yellow motorcycle is a memorable part of which show?
  3. These two motorcycles were part of a love story in...
  4. Do you know what this bike and sidecar are from?
  5. These space motorcycles are from...
  6. What is this motorcycle from?
  7. Someone raced this old bike in...
  8. No motorcycles in the kitchen! What show is this from?
  9. These flying cycles are from which sci-fi show?
  10. Can you guess this show just from the motorcycle closeups?
  11. What show is this bike from?
  12. These two motorcycles were in...
  13. What show is this red motorcycle from?
  14. This imposing trio is from...
  15. What is this orange chopper from?
  16. This bike needed repairs in...
  17. This high-flying racer appeared in...

Can you match these motorcycles to the right show?

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