Can you identify these TV characters looking through a magnifying glass?

Put on your detective hat and try to recognize these magnified mugs!


For something that is only used now and again in real life, the humble magnifying glass plays an outsize role in pop culture. It will forever be linked to detective work thanks to Sherlock Holmes. Magnifying glasses also popped up surprisingly often in classic television.

Whether characters were hunting for clues or just trying to read the extra fine print, here are 11 magnified moments from Sixties and Seventies shows. Try to identify each one!

  1. Which anthology series host is this?
  2. Which Walton sister is this?
  3. Which Brady brother is this?
  4. What show is this from?
  5. Which TV icon is looking through this magnifying glass?
  6. Which sci-fi show is this from?
  7. Which spy show is this from?
  8. Which Star Trek series is this scene from?
  9. This kiss was a focal point in an episode of...
  10. What is this scene from?
  11. Counterfeit money was suspected in an episode of...

Can you identify these TV characters looking through a magnifying glass?

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Gayleistoons 25 months ago
10/11 🤗🤗🤗🤗 I only know one Star Trek
BuckeyeBeth7 26 months ago
10/11 I missed #9. I guessed Peter Gunn.
Sachelle 26 months ago
7/11. This one wasn't easy.
Jeffrey 27 months ago
I got 10 out of 11. -----I missed #11 because I didn't recognize it being from The Big Valley. I guessed Gunsmoke.
TheDavBow3 27 months ago
Not bad. Only missed 1. Question 9
gockionni 27 months ago
10/11 - the title asks if you can identify the character, not the show. I don’t know one Star Trek from another.
RobertK 27 months ago
8 of 11. I wore my "readers".
Coldnorth 27 months ago
9 out of 11. Couldn’t figure out the big eye #10. Cute quiz
Jeffrey Coldnorth 27 months ago
Sure! #10 John Astin as Gomez Addams.
Coldnorth Jeffrey 27 months ago
you have a GOOD EYE for details
DethBiz 27 months ago
10 out of 11. Missed #8. I was almost sure #1 was Alvin Brickrock.
Jeffrey DethBiz 27 months ago
Alvin Brickrock? You mean Alfred Hitchcock, of The Alfred Hitchcock Hour.
DethBiz Jeffrey 27 months ago
Just a joke. Alvin Brickrock was the Flintstones version of him.
Jamesatkinson 27 months ago
10 out of 11, guess I know my magnified eyeballs. 🔍👁😁
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