Can you guess which Western these Gilligan's Island stars are on?

Some acted strikingly similar while others were the complete opposite of their Gilligan's Island characters.


Part of the charm of Gilligan's Island is the perfect way the seven cast members each embody their characters. Their differing personalities clash in the best ways. Though they weren’t huge stars before Gilligan’s Island, none of the actors were new to Hollywood when they got cast.

Like many working actors from that time, Dawn Wells, Alan Hale Jr., and the rest popped up in numerous Westerns of the era, both before and after Gilligan's Island. Here are the castaways in various 1960s Old West shows. Can you guess which series each one is on?

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  1. Here is Russell Johnson with the brothers from which Western?
  2. Can you recognize this Western Alan Hale Jr. is on? Does the bartender give it away?
  3. Tina Louise played someone very different from Ginger in which Western?
  4. Bob Denver tried to recreate the success of Gilligan's Island with which short-lived Western comedy?
  5. That's Russell Johnson in the middle on which Western?
  6. Jim Backus played a pirate named Will Scataway in which Western?
  7. That's Dawn Wells wielding a knife in which Western?
  8. Tina Louise played a singer in a rare color episode of which Western?
  9. Which Western is Alan Hale Jr. in here?
  10. Russell Johnson played a villain in this dramatic episode of which Western?

Can you guess which Western these Gilligan's Island stars are on?

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TonyClifton 17 months ago
Alan Hale was in an episode of "The Wild Wild West" when Ross Martin was recovering from his heart attack. They even threw a Gilligan reference in at the end. Robert Conrad asks Hale's character where he plans on taking his vacation. Hale mentions something about a small, deserted island. Oddly enough, both shows were filmed at the famous CBS Radford studios in Studio City, California.
owls82 36 months ago
Good quiz. Had to think on the fly.
JeffPaul76 36 months ago
''You got 5 out of 10'' ---------Looks like the right answers didn't flow so easily on this quiz. Better luck next time!
Kenner 36 months ago
7/10. Guessed at most. Dusty’s Trail? Really just Gillian in a cowboy hat to me. 🤠
JHP 36 months ago
6/10 not a western fan

don't remember gunsmoke being BW

john0000 JHP 36 months ago
All those westerns started out in black and white. Between 1964 and 1968 they all joined color tv
JHP john0000 36 months ago
thanks for the info

just seems all I see are the colored ones meaning gunsmoke :)
JHP 36 months ago
This comment has been removed.
Runeshaper 36 months ago
You got 7 out of 10 (-:

We solute you! Great job!
Mike 36 months ago
You missed my all-time fave: Alan Hale on The Wild Wild West, as the oldest Secret Service agent ever.
In the tag scene, Alan Hale tells Bob Conrad that he's going to take a long-delayed vacation - on an uncharted desert island!
As the soundtrack blossoms forth with the Gilligan's Island theme, all of us in the audience got the Kick of Kicks ...
Those were definitely The Days!
Wendy57 36 months ago
Lucky guesses, many times reading the backgrounds and other actors for clues.
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