Can you match these libraries to the right classic TV show?

These bastions of books appeared in many great scenes from sitcoms to sci-fi shows.

There’s something special about the atmosphere of a library. The smell of books new and old, the near-total silence, enforced (at least in pop culture) by a strict librarian.

Though living rooms and general stores appear more often in classic series, libraries are an important setting as well. They host villainous plotting, scandalous sitcom scenes and meetings of neighborhood friends.

Here are libraries and book stores from some of our favorite shows. Can you match each one to the right series?

  1. Does this library look askew to you?
  2. This is all that remains of a library in...
  3. What is this library from?
  4. Recognize anyone in this library?
  5. This well-read cowboy is from the credits of...
  6. This library was destroyed in...
  7. This counts as a library on...
  8. This beatnik was a little out of his element in...
  9. This library served as a discreet meeting place in which show?
  10. Vincent Price played a famous author in which sketch show?
  11. What is this librarian from?
  12. In real life, this was the Beverly Hills Public Library, but it served as the office of a character in...
  13. Can you tell what this library is from?
  14. Hey, that's Adam West with a guitar! What is this scene from?

Can you match these libraries to the right classic TV show?

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grandpa5741 1 month ago
10/14 I didn’t read all the questions well
leebillyold 1 month ago

Jeffrey leebillyold 1 month ago
I LOVE the photo of the Roses and other flowers, but not the one below it.
Lacey 1 month ago
12/14. I should have gotten #12 but I overthought it.
marmetv20 1 month ago
nightshade marmetv20 1 month ago
me too and I would of had 2 more if I hadn't 2nd guessed myself
Tresix 1 month ago
I got 11 out of 14. Bit of trivia: Roddy McDowall was the only actor to have played a villain on both “Batman” and “Batman: The Animated Series”. Naturally, he was The Bookworm in the Sixties and was the voice of The Mad Hatter on the cartoon.
TSeym22 1 month ago
13/14 Just missed #13. Couldn't recognize the kid from the back.
STTOS 1 month ago
You got 12 out of 14 - Many answers you discerned, A great score you earned, You must be a true bookworm! Should have been 13 but I jumped the gun on #6. I saw the word "Night" in the answer and immediately thought of Night Stalker. (MeTV - You got me!!) Also missed #10. Narrowed it down to Laugh-In and Carol Burnett and guessed wrong. Oh well, I'll take it.
Pastorgman 1 month ago
I had to guess at #13; the picture was out of focus! Managed to get 14/14! Yea! Shhh….you’re in a library!
Shatner1 1 month ago
14/14! A couple of guesses---the last one could easily have gone Route 66. But one I didn't have to guess on was The Full House question---MeTv continually tries to shove that down our throats! Where was Monk????
MikefromJersey 1 month ago
13 for 14.
Question # 5 has the title card from Bonanza.
I read in an article the drawing was "inspired" by the older Mark Twain,
whose character appeared twice on the series.
The younger Twain lived in Virginia City while writing for the local paper.
Ken Howard, an excellent actor otherwise was badly miscast in the role, the whole tone
was off. Howard Duff was much better in season one as Twain.
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