Can you guess what decade these vintage gardening ads are from?

Get into the spring spirit with these flowery flyers.


The warm weather and fresh air of spring can have all kinds of effects, as demonstrated in episodes of classic shows like The Waltons, M*A*S*H and The Beverly Hillbillies.

Companies also like to highlight the colorful season whether they’re selling gardening tools or telephones.

Here are vintage advertisements from the Fifties through the Eighties. Can you match each one to the right decade?

  1. What decade is this lawnmower ad from?
     Image: Lawn-Boy
  2. This ad is from the...
     Image: Bissell
  3. Make the garden your living room with a couch straight out of the...
     Image: Sears
  4. What decade is this flowery Avon ad from?
     Image: Avon
  5. A garden full of... telephones?
     Image: Bell
  6. Flowers fresh from the photo studio.
     Image: Tampax
  7. An air conditioning unit makes a great garden centerpiece.
     Image: Carrer
  8. What decade is this lawnmower ad from?
     Image: Flymo 
  9. Don't forget to plant your tulips!
     Image: Holland Bulbs
  10. What decade is this ad from?
     Image: Vigaro
  11. Bring the garden inside with a flower-shaped sink.
     Image: Sherle Wagner
  12. What decade is this flower ad from?
     Image: Henry Field's

Can you guess what decade these vintage gardening ads are from?

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graceful1970 23 months ago
You got 5 out of 12
Were you able to weed out the wrong answers on this quiz?
Jeffrey 25 months ago
''You got 4 out of 12'' ---Which is just TERRIBLE FOR ME!! ---Were you able to weed out the wrong answers on this quiz? ---NO!! ---I got 2, 5, 6, and 10 correct.
RachelR 25 months ago
There's no way anyone could have done anything but guess at these questions.
RichLorn 25 months ago
I might have recognized more if they had canary poop on them.
boogerdogger 25 months ago
Ya, I thought that couch was from the 70's.
A great clue is to check out the hair styles and clothes!
RachelR boogerdogger 25 months ago
I guessed the 70s also.
lavenderspring83 25 months ago
WRONG! The sofa pictured was available in the early 1970s, we had one!! And from Sears!
The Flymo was also available in the later 1970s. MeTV --- you need to have experienced quiz makers on staff!
Clearly a late 1960s early 1970s couch. Also easily researchable. The Where America Shops.... Campaign ran in the 1970s. The accompanying thin, serif logo with wider letters was the late 60s thru 1980 when they switched to the tan bags. Also. Dayna below this post got a 9/10 not a 10/10. Being as wrong as the teacher doesn't make you right.
Blondie7 lavenderspring83 25 months ago
They were big in the 80's also my mom still has hers.
gockionni lavenderspring83 25 months ago
Thanks!! I knew I saw couches like that in the 70’s - and was sure they stopped using that fabric by the 80’s!
Dayna 25 months ago
boogerdogger Dayna 25 months ago
Great score!!!
But, weren't there 12 questions????
Claude boogerdogger 25 months ago
Yes, there were 12 questions....
Snickers 25 months ago
Guess I don't have a green thumb, only 9/12.
greyhound 25 months ago
7/12 I was doing good, but then missed the last 4.
Kenner 25 months ago
I never paid much attention to gardening ads. But I did earn $1.50 per lawn mowed back in the 1960’s. Sometimes paid in Franklin half dollars. Remember those?
Snickers Kenner 25 months ago
I remember them but haven't seen one in years.
Kenner Snickers 25 months ago
Yeah…this divorced lady paid me in those…jungled in my pocket felt like I was really somebody. Lol. The things u remember.
Snickers Kenner 25 months ago
I got a Kennedy half dollar as change at the local hardware store. Bought something at another store and gave it to the cashier as payment and she had no idea what it was. Had to tell her it's a half dollar and she still acted like she wasn't sure it was real.
Moverfan 25 months ago
Can I tell what decade these ads are from? Let's just say no and leave it there...
Snickers Moverfan 25 months ago
Good answer.
dmirarh Moverfan 25 months ago
LoL, good one.
Catman 25 months ago
8/12 I feel like a bloomin' idiot.
Barry22 26 months ago
8/12, considering all the yard work I have done in the past, should have done better.
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