Can you match these boat names to the correct TV shows?

Try not to spring a leak!


It's time to see if your TV knowledge will sink or float. This quiz is all about TV boats!

Try to match this fleet of ships to the correct television series. Well, okay, one is a little leaky fishing boat.

Is your armada of trivia up for the voyage? Good luck!

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  1. This sitcom centered around the passengers of the S.S. Minnow.
  2. What was the name of the cruise ship on 'The Love Boat'?
  3. This military show sailed aboard PT-73.
  4. This Sixties show featured a futuristic submarine called the Seaview.
  5. Which Mayberry character owns a rowboat named Gertrude in the Andy Griffith Show episode "The Manhunt"?
  6. The speedboat Ebb Tide is just one of the cool vehicles on this '80s action show.
  7. Lloyd Bridges played a frogman aboard the Argonaut on this series.
  8. Which character on 'The Simpsons' owns a yacht called Gone Fission?
  9. The mysterious Lady Anne was part of a hour-long tale on this series in 1963.
  10. The lead character of this show owned a casino yacht called Fortuna II.
  11. This cop lived aboard a boat called St. Vitus Dance.
  12. This Sixties sitcom took place aboard the USS Kiwi.

Can you match these boat names to the correct TV shows?

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Coldnorth 19 months ago
11/12 some I knew some were guesses.
Joe 38 months ago
"You got 11 out of 12
Yacht-sea! You deserve a big boat of your own with that knowledge. Nice work!"

Missed the rowboat query.
geatornez82 46 months ago
6 out of 12, mainly because I've never seen/heard of a lot of the shows.
LeeHarper 50 months ago
You got 8 out of 12
Yacht-sea! You deserve a big boat of your own with that knowledge. Nice work!
If I get my choice, get me this one:
Lillyrose 51 months ago
5 out of 12. I only saw a few of these shows.
dorissm 51 months ago
I rarely watched some of these.
MrBill 51 months ago
10/12; missed Twilight Zone and Riptide - I rarely watched those shows.
HopeDuchaine 51 months ago
11/12. I still watch Gilligan and "The Seaview"
Geronimo 51 months ago
Not bad considering I never watched most these shows
Wenatchee7 51 months ago
10/12 I was sailing along until 9 and 10 sunk me.
ColRSG2 51 months ago
I managed to get 11 right, should have aced this quiz, but they through me a curve! Just like the Andy Griffith quiz, I got 11 there also, but they always toss in a red herring!
WillBenedetti 51 months ago
Love Boat was Pacific Princess cruise lines - that was not the name of the ship. They only told the ship name once, but I forget what it was.
Mark WillBenedetti 51 months ago
The cruise line was and still is Princess Cruises. The name of the ship is in fact Pacific Princess. The cruise line uses princess in the name of all their ships: Diamond Princess, Star Princess, Grand Princess, Pacific Princess, Regal Princess, Ruby Princess, Emerald Princess, etc.
HopeDuchaine WillBenedetti 51 months ago
I believe that the name of the ship was the "Pacific Princess". It was located on the left side of the ship.
The SHIP "The Pacific Princess" was just one of several operated by the "Princess Cruise Line". All of their ships had Princess in their names.
geatornez82 Mark 46 months ago
The Sun Princess was used in the 1980 movie "Herbie Goes Bananas."
Muleskinner 51 months ago
10/12. I did better than I thought I would.
Steelers 51 months ago
10/12 never heard of the 2 I missed
Runeshaper 51 months ago
You got 7 out of 12 Didn't watch most of these :)
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